Sunday, March 28

Reincarnating Accessories

I just love reincarnating Bags that are statement pieces for going out to a special Twilight Tryst. A plain black bag or clutch purse becomes that Crazy Club Clutch that holds your lip gloss, cell phone and I.D. (If you are over 21 that is) Vintage fabrics, buttons and beads are my favorite materials. Unfortunately some of my best finds are from the Great Thrift Museums so I am unable to know for sure that they are Vintage but all have lived past lives of exciting parties and were someone's precious possessions.

I personally intend to first come back as a ghost and linger around the living for a while before I am reincarnated. I also am hoping that when I am reincarnated someone will add a few embellishments, a few extra things to add to the sparkle I hope to have. In this life I have poor vision so maybe someone will sew on eyes that work next time too. And God if you are listening I am not complaining about what I have, I am just hoping for a few extras.

Friday, March 26

Snake Fighting Prom Queen

Why not create yourself as a Super Hero fighting off a giant tiger or snake to save your town from disaster while looking a lot like a Barbie Doll minus the Prom Queen Dress. I was just playing with my Nymph today since it's Freaky Fun Friday and my computer has decided to behave for now, (jinx, jinx) knock on wood. I still have two Nymphs left and have sold two without putting them up for sale to neighbors who are insisting that they will be fine outside if brought in before it rains.

Thursday, March 25

Instructions from Man Cave

The Man Cave blog has the funniest reply to scam email I ever read, he makes up these way funny things to email back to the scammers making fun of everything in their email. I am still hurting from rolling around on the floor laughing! Check him out at: The goth girl above is my avatar at my shop Gothb4play and she just want to say hi to everyone. I'm still not having luck with my silly old slow computer so if my posts seem shorter, THEY ARE...I can only blog a little before getting a "program not responding" message, so bye till we meet again.

Monday, March 22

Mystics Keeper

Every wise Witch with wondrous Wands who wish to wear whimsical wardrobe Wearable Art will want one! Your very own unique one of a kind Mystics Keeper Bag Tote with beautiful designs in bright colors, beads and favored cats with a sprinkling of hematite colored beads forming spring like flowers and leaves to keep your treasured mystical spell potions, scents, smudge brush, Wand and any other precious tools you carry with you. You can add your favorite talisman, fetish or decoration to add to the protective powers of this Mystics Keeper Bag. For more views check my gallery:

Tuesday, March 16

Woodland Fairy Hunting

I just tried to up load this picture on my mystic2awesome blog and it would not I jumped over here and now it works. I will never understand the moodiness of my computer. Constantly barfing out messages like "low virtual memory" or the constant "loading....loading loop of lost brainage storage" or whatever. Or maybe it's these crazy fingers of mine or the keyboard is haunted by a haunted "enter" key which just acts on it's own. The maniac madness of the "delete" key is almost as bad. All said, I do hope you enjoy my woodsy picture anyway, while doing yard work I was hunting for woodland fairies. May you have a great Saint Patrick's Day !

Saturday, March 13

Recycled items need love too

I saved this bib piece from an evening gown discovered at one of my favorite Thrift Museums. The gown was horrendously styled with huge puffy sleeves and there was damage to the hem. No one in their right mind would wear it even if they could somehow repair the hem. What I heard calling to me was the bib front which could be removed from the dress and the rest was a mountain of black fabric for future goth adventures of the "Vampsace" sort. I pulled open my purse and counted my money, not quite enough. I checked the bottom of my purse, pockets and then ran outside to gather more change from my car ashtray change holder and I had enough to buy the gown. Now I am on a mission to save a poor discarded gown with a past life that I can only imagine from the agony and unhappiness of no longer being admired and loved.

The first thing was to take the bib off the dress which was a surprisingly easy procedure and the simplest part of creating the finished product. I do not know the exact age of the gown, but I imagine that it could be a vintage piece. The next step was to take more material of the gown in other areas of interest to add a little more of the silvery color for accents, hand sewing numerous items and using an adhesive for others the bib went through a complete make over. Next I went through my jar of silver colored buttons which I have been collecting forever. My mother always told me that if any clothing had to be discarded you must remove the buttons and use the cloth for either patching things or polishing rags. Which I still do to this day, yes Mom the lessons did stick. The buttons in my opinion made the organza bib a most unique and elegant piece which I was immediately in love with. I fashioned the organza ribbons at the neck in order to tie the bib around the neck necklace like over a simple black blouse which now looked like a fashion statement piece ready for a home and a new life of excitement out clubbing and I think it will find love and admiration once again.

Thursday, March 11

Lucid Dream Subliminal

Mermaid Comments & Graphics

~Magickal Graphics~

Lucid Dreaming is one of my favorite activities while sleeping. I only have a few each month, but each is well worth the practice techniques. I have a habit of going to Las Vegas in my Lucid Dreams because I lived there for several years before moving to the small town of Salem. It is a definitely a plus if you find that there is a big python chasing you, all you have to do is hit your "edit button" and change him into Rob P. or Brad Pitt. The link below is to a great research site which has a free "Subliminal Video" to help you Lucid Dream.

Some of my Lucid Dreams that I have I will share with you but when Rob P. or Brad are involved are rated X, so sorry If I can't share. Sometimes I do other things I know I can't do in real life like changing a rainy day into a sunny one, flying or creating new things in my Lucid Dream workshop which I then use as creative inspiration for a new item in my shop. I hope you have a chance to visit the site and a chance to read a little about this fun activity.

Wednesday, March 10

Skulls, everybody has one

Skull & Skeleton Graphics

~Magickal Graphics~

When the right nostril is the main focal of breathing it causes the right side of the body and the left hemisphere of the brain is the stronger influence over the body and mind. This influence opens you to acts favoring as some would put it "harsh deeds" or acts which are of the fight or flight and difficult learning activities. Usually we breath one nostril until it is engorged and then the other and back and forth. If you are trying to learn new difficult tasks try breathing through just the right nostril.

Sunday, March 7

Show some Love

Days Of The Week=

~Magickal Graphics~

I thought that if I "showed some love" toward my computer it would be in a better mood. It has been having some difficulties lately, poor thing. It's getting slower, gets stuck while loading something, barfs out "unresponsive script" and "low virtual memory" messages.

I have dusted the darn thing, put a just touch of furniture polish on it's plastic hide, unwound it's cords, in case they were strangling the poor creature and set a piece of amethyst, a small piece of amber and a crystal upon it's dark tower. Nothing seems to help, not the great mystical McAfee, nor the Sorcerer Sir Norton know why my little computer friend is showing signs of dementia. Sure she's a little old, but she has always had a great heart and a wonderful soul. Maybe she's just too old to learn the new tricks of the yellow brick blogroad and the language found sometimes makes her blush or just plain ol' does not make sense to her.

If you have some kind of "computer mind meld" you can work, or a spell that might liven up her old spirit I would love it if you could send it to my computer friend here. Thank you kindly!

Saturday, March 6

Happy Birthday March Bloggers

Birthday Comments

~Magickal Graphics~

Wishing all those Blogirthday Peeps out there a "Happy, Happy Birthday Baby" and wishing you many, many more. I saw this picture at Magical Graphics and just had to figure out a way to use it. I spent yesterday my "Thank God it's Fun Friday" doing something not so fun. My hubby and I have taken over the chore of doing the yard work for our Favorite Uncle here in Salem (he's 80 something) and I am sore in places I didn't know could get sore! So, I am moving a little slower today, but it was wonderful working in the soil and seeing all the flowers coming up in his gardens around his home. I brought three of his bird houses home with me so I could clean, sand, repair and paint them. Lucky Birds!

Monday, March 1

Inspiration Vacation

I had a great time on a short....short vacation to the beach. It was a beautiful day, but my favorite part of the day is watching the sun set. So for all those Dark lovers out there this one is for you! I had three sales when I came back, Yes! And I had renewed energy and creativity enough to finish three or four items and get them listed in my shop this weekend. I really love Spring, but Spring it seems does not love me. I go all through the Winter without hardly a sniffle and Spring comes along with all it beauty and knocks my doo-dad in the dirt. I add something new to my list of allergies every year it seems and something was out there waiting for me and there I was second day of my vacation sniffling, sneezing and an awful sore throat, bah humbug Spring welcome! And yes it was worth it.