Thursday, November 24

Halloween Recycled

What do you do with leftover Halloween décor?  I like to create different new décor from them for gifts or next year's Halloween Décor.  This little cyber cutie was created using, Little  Halloween skulls, broken jewelry, beads, wire and buttons.  See more at Gothb4play at

Sunday, February 7

Sunday, December 6

Altered Art Skull

This little fellow was created using a recycled Halloween skull with recycled jewelry pieces on it's skull.  The body was created from a metal silver toned salt shaker top glued to a vintage silver plated salt shaker top and sits upon a recycled faux turquoise belt buckle surrounded by old metal buttons.

Thursday, July 9

Witchy Wacko

She's oddly adorable, a witch, a wacko or just your Mother-in Law.

Wednesday, June 17

Just Playing

Still busy trying to create in my new home/ RV, a much smaller space than my House was but the view out the windows is spectacular!  This book has been making me laugh a LOT when It's not a good day to go on a walk (my bones are too old to do much hiking).

Monday, January 19

Beware What You Buy

I saw these interesting supplies items in a shop called gothB4play,  I think I could make some amazing things, but something holds me back.  One of these items has a less than kind background and is possible carrying something NOT so nice.  Before you buy, always ask the history of the item.