Friday, December 31

Black New Year's Eve

On New Year's Eve in 160 the Countess Bathory of Hungary was walled up in a room in her castle and left to die for supposedly practicing black magic and murdering scores of the local townsfolk. It was not good to practice magic of any kind in 1610 regardless of one's position in life.

Wednesday, December 29


I know I am going to explode! I haven't had any decent outdoor light for days now, rain and snow and overcast days. When there is a little sun light peeking through I grab my camera but by the time everything is set up the sun is long gone behind some clouds or it's more rain or snow. There is a somewhat bright side though, the ducks and geese who are playing in the newly formed pond in my back yard are having a big party!

Tuesday, December 28

Breathe Green

Breathe Green in your mind, in your work and in your play and allow Mother Nature to give this gift to future generations. Recycle as much as you can each day, walk as much as you can and enjoy life's adventures leaving the smallest "dent" that you can upon this earth.

Saturday, December 18

Eve of Destruction

Eradicate evil with kindness, compassion and a smile, Keep evil from your hear until you walk in his shoes for a mile.

Thursday, December 16


I just created a little collage for my shop gothB4play at and I always come away smiling when I play there. Although I am not as creatively knowledgeable there as I would like to be I always have lots of fun and usually learn something new and see something fantastic by other creative minds.

Monday, December 13

Snowflake Kisses and Christmas Wishes

May you find Snowflake Kisses and Christmas Wishes under the stars this Holiday Season.

Monday, December 6

Lucid Dreaming Journal

Lucid Dreams are much easier to experience when you are able to remember your dreams. Your dreams are part of your short term memory, and as soon as you move even a little finger your mind starts to forget what you were dreaming of unless you immediately start reviewing your dream in your mind. When you review what happened in your dream it shifts to the long term memory area of your brain. Parts of your dream can still be lost to you but writing the dream down in a dream journal after reviewing it in your mind will help you remember it. Sometimes even when you read the journal a few days later you will find that you have forgotten some parts of the dream. The more able you are to remember your dreams the more control you will have over your dream world.

Tuesday, November 30

Instant World

We live in an instant world full of instant messaging, instant movies, instant conversations, instant meals and instant gratification for our many wants and needs. If this was all taken away in say...and instant...I know I would thrive and I know I could move beyond these material "instants" because every day I use my imagination. What happens when humans lose what they do not use and how dull that world will be.

Monday, November 29

2011 Predictions

My predictions for 2011 as seen from a Lucid Dream where I asked a dream character to show me a few outstanding events that would shape the New Year of 2011. He quietly unrolled a length of yellowed paper and I remember reading poetry. Some of what is written here is not quite right but as close as I could remember it. I write my dreams down in the dark after reviewing them in my mind at night. Sometimes it's hard to read what I write because I write over my own writing in the dark.

The first was a wet windblown town,
littered glass and gas in rainbow streaks.
I feared my breath in dark oily smoke,
Evil dark clouds over this towns peaks.

Next a far flung star ignites in orange,
A beautiful photo causing such alarm.
Never touching lush and green,
This beauteous sight will bring no harm.

Mothers and daughters given grave news,
The children dwindle this year alone,
Economy born of an old baby boom
Causing some tears and others to moan.

This was the as close as I could get. I knew it rhymed but some lines were lost so I tried to make it make sense as it made sense to me at the time. You have to take it with a grain of salt, because if ten people read the same piece of poetry once they just might remember it ten different ways depending on what was seen as important to each one. The last line may have been "cry and moan" I keep going back and forth on that. I only read the first three and then woke up, wishing I had a photographic memory. Maybe I can remember more or something different in another dream. This was only about the fifth time I have been able to get some kind of information from a dream character. Usually when I ask questions they just want me to follow them to where ever they are going.

Sunday, November 28


Enthusiasm is like a virus of creativity which is spread from one to another through the contagion of ideas shared. Share your enthusiasm of that which you love and admire with others for without that sharing that which you love does not exist anywhere but in your own mind. Get enthused and infect everyone that you meet and watch that seed of enthusiasm bloom into a beautiful creative flower and grow.

Thursday, November 25

Tomorrow's Memory

Never forget that what you do today is tomorrow's memory and you can never go back and change it no matter how hard you try.

Wednesday, November 24

No Snow

The night before Christmas, No snow can be seen. I'm vacationing in Tahiti and I know it's a dream! I don't like it when my toes are cold, I don't like living in a snow globe. I cry and I sob but my tears just freeze and then I catch cold and my breath is a wheeze. Take me away from all that is white and give me a green Christmas delight!
This is my idea of a perfect Christmas with lots of green lushness, fake snow flakes and no SNOW!!

Tuesday, November 23

Hair Fascinator, Insect Barrette, Barrette Feathers, Hair Decoration by mystic2awesome

From mystic2awesome

Hair Fascinator,  Insect Barrette, Barrette Feathers, Hair Decoration by mystic2awesome Hair Fascinator,  Insect Barrette, Barrette Feathers, Hair Decoration by mystic2awesome Hair Fascinator,  Insect Barrette, Barrette Feathers, Hair Decoration by mystic2awesome Hair Fascinator,  Insect Barrette, Barrette Feathers, Hair Decoration by mystic2awesome Hair Fascinator,  Insect Barrette, Barrette Feathers, Hair Decoration by mystic2awesome
Barrette Feathers. Hair Barrette. Hair Decoration. Insect Barrette by mystic2awesome. A stunning Insect Barrette statement piece with a silver toned pewter insect as a center piece will assure that you will stand out anywhere. For a Hair Barrette the beautiful surrounding alluring purple feathers covered by black and red speckled feathers will stand out against every hair color and get you noticed. A black ribbon with black sequins, silver thread and tattered black netting and a gorgeous purple ribbon are attached to this Hair Barrette of sturdy silver toned barrette clip, stamped "made in France".

Thursday, November 18


Today, look over your workspace and your craft successes and congratulate yourself on a good days work. Pat yourself on the back and look at what you have achieved and what you have learned, and then go a bit further and give yourself recognition of a job well done. Say "Yes, I did a good thing here today!" And then tomorrow, repeat today.

Tuesday, November 16

Birds and Butterflies

Before going to sleep sprinkle a little Thyme and Lavender on your pillow under the pillow case. When you get under the covers your own heat will make the aroma float around you. Start out by tensing your toes and then relaxing them, next move to your calves and then proceed up all the way to your ears. Some times I only make it to my arms before I fall asleep. If you find yourself in a dream or Lucid Dream find a character and try asking him why he is there and if he knows why your are there. Characters in your dreams can tell you a lot about yourself if you think to ask them.

Monday, November 15

Incantation Jar

Incantation Jar, Spirit Jar, Mystic Jar, Inspiration Jar by mystic2awesome

From mystic2awesome

Incantation Jar, Spirit Jar, Mystic Jar, Inspiration Jar  by mystic2awesome
Incantation Jar, Spirit Jar, Mystic Jar, Inspiration Jar  by mystic2awesome Incantation Jar, Spirit Jar, Mystic Jar, Inspiration Jar  by mystic2awesome Incantation Jar, Spirit Jar, Mystic Jar, Inspiration Jar  by mystic2awesome Incantation Jar, Spirit Jar, Mystic Jar, Inspiration Jar  by mystic2awesome Incantation Jar, Spirit Jar, Mystic Jar, Inspiration Jar  by mystic2awesome
Incantation Jar. Mystical Jar. Crystal topped Jar. Inspiration Jar of Gems by mystic2awesome. Do you need some extra inspiration and creativity in your crafting? This decorative Inspiration Spirit jar has been designed using mystical gemstones and beads of amethyst, agate,glass chips, polished rocks, crystals then incantations attracting creativity and inspiration.

Incantation Jar. Mystical Jar. Spirit Jar. Mystical Bottle by mystic2awesome. The top of the Incantation jar has a champagne colored glass bead piece which seals the Spirit along with dark colored seed beads, paint and varnish. The Mystic Jar is hand decorated and embellished inside with silver paint, varnish, colored inks, and enamels swirled with lacquers displaying lots of textures and shapes.

The bottom of the cut glass Inspiration jar has a beautiful silvered metal base which was once a part of an ornate belt of unknown age. There are lots of pretties scattered around the base of the glass Spirit jar such as buttons, a glass pink petal, crystal beads, jewelry pieces and much more too many to mention them all. This Mystic Jar is for entertainment purposes and for focusing your positive energy into creative energies, the magic is truly in YOU.

Approximately 4 1/4 inches tall and 3 inches wide.

Not recommended for children, Adult use only.

PLEASE use caution with glass parts.

Sunday, November 14

Hold Your Head High

Hold your head high, let not them see your pain,
They who drag you down, will never be the same.
Their shallowness will soon turn to shame,
For everyone will know your kindness and your name.

Just for fun, I'm playing with polyvore today and trying to learn how to make collages. I like writing something to match the collage, each tells a story of some sort. I hope you enjoy it, and if you get the chance try polyvore out. Enough play, it's off to take some photos of something finished and ready to list at Etsy and then wonder where it will make it's home.

Saturday, November 13

QuakeFactor X for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad on the iTunes App Store

QuakeFactor X for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad on the iTunes App Store: "- Sent using Google Toolbar"
Interesting Quake information so you can see where and when a Quake is reported and the activity levels.

The photo is one of my just finished spirit Jars, this one has a chandelier tear drop with the top portion inside the jar. I love the colors and textures of the designs and it's always fun to see how they look when completed. I never know what they will look like they just slowly evolve with their own personalities.

Thursday, November 11

Red Christmas Queen

It's been a tough year for Mr. & Mrs. Clause because of the economy. They have had such problems this year and they have decided to take a vacation from each other. Santa is going to take all the nice kids for his list and Mrs. Clause gets the naughty and she is going to give a few more lumps of coal than Santa would. I for one think she is taking this whole Red Christmas Queen thing a little too far.

If you get the chance check out my Etsy shop for my rendition of the Red Christmas Queen with her bright blue eyeshadow.

Wednesday, November 10

lucid Dream in Colors

Do you dream in color, do you have the ability to "edit" your dreams? If not you are missing out on one third of your life experiences. Some people swear that they don't dream at all or dream only once in a while.

The truth is that you dream several times a night and if you were not allowed to dream you would suffer psychotic episodes and hallucinations. Dreaming is as important to your mind as feeding and hydrating is to your body.

Studies have found that when you keep a journal of your dreams you will start to remember more of your dreams. Dreams are forgotten because they are stored in a part of your brain used for short term memory. Sometimes, just the act of moving a finger when you wake will cause you to lose that short term memory almost immediately. The trick is to try and recall your dream before you move a finger, go over it in your mind from start to ending Then record the memory in some way, by paper or voice recording. That's when the real fun begins and you can then learn Lucid Dreaming techniques and the " edit button".

Tuesday, November 9

Don't Look

Don't look at me as if I am less than you, don't look at me as if I am more than you, look at me as if I am you and you are ME. Never judge others unless you have walked in their shoes and then judge only if you must. Jim Rohn said in his Treasury of quotes "Let the views of others educate and inform you, but let your decisions be a product of your own conclusions"

Tuesday, November 2

Jar Jar Stinks

Jar Jar Stinks
I am a celebrity or at least my little friend is, and maybe for all the wrong reasons. Bad publicity is always good publicity as long as your not showing off body parts, right? If you want a few laughs check out this link to Regretsy there are some really funny comments here, and not just on my craft but on lots of other items too.

Monday, November 1

Gypsy Comments & Graphics

~Magickal Graphics~

Mars rules Tuesday and the energies of this day of the week are of a masculine vibration. Use this day for things associated with physical endurance, strength, sports or any type of competition. Yesterday, Monday was the best day to deal with women, home and family so if you didn't deal with those problems maybe you should wait until next Monday. Then again you should wait until Wednesday to try to communicate with friends using written and spoken words or dealing with matters such as study, learning or teaching because that day is ruled by Mercury and the power of words.

Friday, October 29

Halloween Happiness

Tomb it May...
Tomb it May... by mystic2awesome

Happy Halloween, and for those who eat just a few too many sweet treats keep a bottle of water in the fridge with peeled pieces of Ginger which helps little tummy aches and makes a nice refreshing drink. I always keep some in my Fridge and like it added to my tea, my seven-up or just drink it by itself. When it's gone you can start a new bottle and it will last for about two weeks. The Spanish loved the taste of Ginger and brought it with them to the New World.

Wednesday, October 27

Steampunk Baby

Meet the Steampunk Baby of the 2525 (do you remember that song, In the Year 2525) he has the new improved baby buggy which is wired into his little brain to keep all systems at the ready. I used some little gold toned metal buttons, beads, some wire and washers too. There is a cute beaded heart on the front of his chest and his buggy carriage is an altered piece I found at my favorite Thrift Museum. This little one will be going on sale at my Etsy site soon.

In the year 2525, if man is still alive...if woman can survive!

Monday, October 25


I am up for the Challenge, no not the Cutthroat Challenge but the "Halloween what do I wear" challenge. How about this outfit, I think it looks pretty good and I know it still fits because I wear this on some of the other social sites I visit. I get to play with the sewing needle sword and the recycled silver earring shield. This is the photo that got me 1700 views in one day from regretsy so now it's famous, right. It will look great on any red carpet and I can always dress it up a little more with a few faux diamonds.

Saturday, October 23



~Magickal Graphics~

"A Charm to Keep a Cat from Straying" was found in The Crone's Book of Charms & Spells by Valerie Worth today. It sounds really interesting and in no way that I could see could it bring your cat anything but good fun and friendly petting with a treat. How many people out there put spells on their pet's to keep them from wandering away and possibly into the way of harm? I don't have pets, I am allergic to pet dander which includes cats, dogs and birds but not turtle nor fish dander. Those two pets do not seem to be in any danger of wandering away, but I just might try it on my husband.

Friday, October 22

Little Lies

An amazing piece of trivia about little lies, when do you feel a little lie is O.K. and who you would never, ever lie to. I don't tell lies of any kind, that is my other personality who does that(liar, liar). I do lie to my husband if his ego needs polishing (sorry honey). I lie to my Mother if it will keep that halo on my head she thinks she sees. But those are only little lies.

Wednesday, October 20

Hambuglar Halloween

Hamburglar... by mystic2awesome

Who is going to be your date for Halloween? I love dressing up for Halloween, but my husband is another story entirely and really not a compatible one at that. I am lucky if I can get him to wear one piece (a very small piece) of a costume at all. He will not let me paint his face but he will on occasion let me put a tattoo on him with one of my markers. I thought about buying some glow in the dark lip balm to see if I could trick him into putting some on. One year I put a glow in the dark hand print thingy on his butt and that worked pretty good for a while, but he figured it out when his friends made fun of him. If anyone has any ideas I'd love to hear about them.