Sunday, December 6

Altered Art Skull

This little fellow was created using a recycled Halloween skull with recycled jewelry pieces on it's skull.  The body was created from a metal silver toned salt shaker top glued to a vintage silver plated salt shaker top and sits upon a recycled faux turquoise belt buckle surrounded by old metal buttons.

Thursday, July 9

Witchy Wacko

She's oddly adorable, a witch, a wacko or just your Mother-in Law.

Wednesday, June 17

Just Playing

Still busy trying to create in my new home/ RV, a much smaller space than my House was but the view out the windows is spectacular!  This book has been making me laugh a LOT when It's not a good day to go on a walk (my bones are too old to do much hiking).

Monday, January 19

Beware What You Buy

I saw these interesting supplies items in a shop called gothB4play,  I think I could make some amazing things, but something holds me back.  One of these items has a less than kind background and is possible carrying something NOT so nice.  Before you buy, always ask the history of the item.