Friday, July 23

Reinvented handmade

Hand... by mystic2awesome

Wouldn't life be lots more happy, If the good that's in us all...Were the only thing about us that folks bothered to recall. I always try to speak of others with high regard and empathy. If you are tempted to reveal something about someone told to you by someone else ask yourself these questions: Is it true: Is it needful? Is it kind? If not then let it be unsaid, unwritten and let it wither and die on the grapevine.

Tuesday, July 20

New Friends

Steampunk Style
Steampunk Style by mystic2awesome

It's always fun to make new friends even if you make those new friends from mixed media and recycled materials. I just had my first anniversary of my Etsy shop mystic2awesome and I thought when I started that I was in for a lot of work. I was right, but I was also in for a few surprises. I found a new love of photography as I learned how to photograph my items so they could be displayed in my shop. I found new friends, friendly advice and new respect for the internet society that I had until then avoided. It has been a fun, exciting and revitalizing year full of success. Success at finding that no matter how old you are, you are never too old to enjoy a new adventure or too old to go on journey into your own imagination.

Monday, July 12

Gaga Goth Girl

Fierce Fantasy
Fierce Fantasy by mystic2awesome

Did you have a weird weekend waiting for the next full moon to appear so all that weird tension will be released into a dark cloud of oblivion. I used the weird vibes to play with a few of my newly reincarnated lovelies and add a few dark embellishments. Keep checking back they are almost ready for their close ups.

Sunday, July 11

Spirit Jar

What mischievous spirit has hidden your car keys this morning, made your cat do crazy things or made your oatmeal boil over? Check out my new Spirit Buster Jar especially designed to lure those pesky spirits into the jar and trapping them there to be safely entertained for hours. The magic is in the oils and gemstones sealed inside this little decorative wonder. For more images and descriptions check out my little etsy shop.

Thursday, July 8

Twilight Tryst

Twilight Tryst
Twilight Tryst by mystic2awesome

Just watched some of the Twilight trailers so I'm thinking Twilight, seeing Twilight and might as well pull up one of my Twilight boards with a few of my favorite Twilight Tryst odds and ends. I have more fun photographing my items using colorful backgrounds and experimenting with different types of backdrops. I know white, off white or light gray would make them sell better but it just wouldn't be as much fun for me. Enjoy, and please let me know what you think of them I need all the tips, wit, wisdom and advice I can get. Thanks!

Wednesday, July 7

Color Delight

Walker Street
$0.60 -

Image4 - CrimeSpace

japanese paper


I just had to share this with you because it caught my eye and I had to spend some time contemplating it's beauty. I hope you enjoy it also. The top picture is a combination of all of these combined. This is something that I wish I had another lifetime to explore and am going to put on my bucket many drops can my little bucket hold anyway?

Sunday, July 4

Happy Birthday!

July Birthday...
July Birthday... by mystic2awesome

Wishing all those sharing July as a birth month with me, a Happy and healthy year.

Friday, July 2

I wish U love

I Wish U Love
I Wish U Love by mystic2awesome

I wish U love, if you don't have love. I wish U lasting love, if you have love. I wish you endearing love, if you have harsh love. I wish you endless love, if you doubt your love. Spring always brings the sentimental out in me, everything out there is mating, blooming and bringing forth the love of Mother Nature to Father Time.