Saturday, September 29


Nevermore, Nevermore... Quothe the Raven, Nevermore... This piece inspired by one of my favorite Mr.  Poe poems.  This little Raven, or Crow if you will it so, was once loved and now ready to be loved just one more time in it's new reincarnated form.  With a sporty gothic new hair do and tattered fabric designer "Vampsace" dress, she is ready to be adopted by a lover of Ravens, or Crows if you will.

Friday, September 21

Halloween Untucked

Sometimes a mistake has to be corrected and sometimes not.  The first little creature I used a copper bell on as a robot skirt and found I could not remove the "dangle" was by chance.  Maybe meant to be the little robot had a mind of it's own and I being just the laboring hands must obey.  This little Robot Tranny is ready for his/her Halloween closeup, and ready to be adopted at gothB4play at Etsy.

Tuesday, September 4

Voo Doo Woman

You make the sun up
In the sky forget to shine
And you are driving me
Out of my mind now

You make a bell forget to ring
You make a bird forget to sing

You make a weeping
Willow tree forget to cry
And you bring clouds
That cover up the sky now

You're a voodoo woman
That's plain to see
You're a voodoo woman
So stay away from me

You make a dog forget to growl
You make the wind forget to howl

And voodoo woman
You break every heart you see!