Monday, February 28


Someone once asked Einstein what the difference was between him and the average person. He replied that when asked to find a needle in a haystack the average person stops upon finding the needle but he (Einstein) would keep looking even after finding the needle. I'm no Einstein, but I do share the "keep looking" trait when creating I am never so satisfied with the project that I produce it over and over, but keep looking forward to improving and/or reinventing it.

Sometimes like with this piece I started it a few months ago and then stopped because I knew it needed "something" but couldn't decide what that "something" was. Then I came across a raw cluster of amethyst crystals and went back to finish the piece using a single beautiful crystal as the top focal piece. The crystal's top is pointing up and the bottom is open to the inside of the jar so it will focus energy from within the jar to the outside or the jar, or maybe it's the other way around. (I don't know because I am just the laborer and the brains is the piece itself).

Thursday, February 17

Cat Whiskers

You loved me once, this I know. Then my little leg fell off above the toe. You just threw me away like trash, not caring again with me to play. In pain I moaned a little and cried a lot. So then with love this friend paid and bought. She gave me faith and a little bling. She glued and painted and did her thing. Now I'm laughing in smiling glee, because someone believes in me.

Tuesday, February 1

Cyber Vintage Assemblage

Do you have a taste for that odd ball development of recycled assemblage using Vintage pieces in weird ways and creating something even if that "something" is from a wacky dream. Having fun by letting the piece create itself and watching it evolve is a great way to release stress and sit back and laugh at your self like you did as a child. Some how during all those years of growing up, becoming adult and searching for your "ideal" life some of us have lost those child like talents and child like feelings of just having fun.