Thursday, September 30

Moon Shadow

Moonshadow by mystic2awesome

Inspiration from Cat Steven's song "Moonshadow" and the coming of Halloween both produced this style board at Kaboodle (the easiest way to create a board with multiple hand made Etsy items ever!). Just click on the link and it will take you to kaboodle and more of my boards if you'd like to make some of your own the instructions are so easy even I was able to do one immediately. Also if you get the chance check out Wickedmama and her digitals at Etsy a great way to celebrate Halloween with your own digital collage of Moons!

Wednesday, September 29


Witchy Comments & Graphics

~Magickal Graphics~

"They were so strong in their beliefs that there came a time when it hardly mattered what exactly those beliefs were; they all fused into a single stubbornness" quoted by Louise Erdrich.

If our world was a village of 1000 people:
60 would control half of the total income.
500 would be hungry.
600 would live in shantytowns.
700 would be illiterate.
for a Dr. Meadows' complete Village of 1,000 see

Tuesday, September 28

Cool Halloween
Cool Halloween by mystic2awesome

Halloween is something I am not allergic to, mostly anyway as long as my costume is not made of wool and I don't put feathers into my head gear. I am not allergic to chocolate, candy, rubber masks, face paint or glitter but if I decided to go as a Zombie I do have to stay away from the Formaldehyde. (I have chosen to be cremated because of that particular allergy when I leave this particular life journey) I am not allergic to bats but mosquitoes and hornets are another story. There is something outside today that I am allergic to and I can already tell it's going to be one of those days but if I stay inside I have dust mites that will get me, sometimes you just can't win.

The kaboodle board here today has some of my handmades plus a few items from fellow Etsy artist that I fell in love with.

Sunday, September 26

Repositioning Emphasis on Memory

I found this to be a very interesting topic and I wanted to share a little bit with you all. My memory has always been lacking, which made things harder in classes but I can read a paperback, enjoy it greatly and then read it again and get half way through before I realize that I already read it.
Repositioning Emphasis on Memory

Ode to Autumn

Days Of The Week Comments

Magickal Graphics

The Autumn Equinox signals Earth and it's life forces at a waning stage when the days grow shorter. Our inner being is aware and influenced by this change also, even if we are not aware of it. It's an interesting fact that Johnny Appleseed was born today in 1774, he must have been overly aware of the coming of Winter and spent many years celebrating Spring and making sure that the apple trees were abundant.

Friday, September 24

Vampsace designer

Alice... by mystic2awesome

What would the Red Carpet fashion police think of Alice in her Vintage frock and the White Rabbit in his silver "Vampsace" designed tuxedo? Would they give them rave reviews or would they mercilessly tear them apart? Alice in Wonderland doesn't care she is so glam she sweats glitter and she doesn't let society tell her who she can date. And what's with that silly froggie, just click the kaboodle link and get more information on this dramatic Red Carpet fiasco and find out why Snow White is doing bondage.

Thursday, September 23


Autumn Comments & Graphics

~Magickal Graphics~

There is a time when we have to decide firmly on the direction we wish to take, or otherwise circumstances will make the decision for us, a quote by Herbert Prochnov. That is where I am now, not firmly making decisions but waiting on circumstances to make them for me. Maybe it's because fall is here and I like many of the plants are ready for a little rest. I think one has to stop and recharge the so called "batteries" on occasion and my time is usually Fall or Winter.

Wednesday, September 22

Bad Dream

There is a cure for bad dreams without drugs, no more more nightponies (which are not quite nightmares, but more of an annoying dream). I have a recurring dream of being on my way somewhere, sometimes to work and sometimes walking home but always walking and always I get lost. I walk and walk, run and run and the further I go the farther away my destination seems. I wake up exhausted from all the walking and running and my legs seem to actually be worn out.

With the knowledge of Lucid Dreaming those kind of dreams are now more often than not a chance at a trip to Las Vegas, or a resort or a water park somewhere. With Lucid Dreaming techniques I now can
realize that I am dreaming. Once I realize that I am dreaming I can edit my dream and see before me a different destination, suddenly I find myself in Las Vegas and I don't care if I am lost because there are so many things to see and do. If you get the chance google "Lucid Dreaming" it's the cheapest drug free trip you'll ever take. And as an added bonus I always wake up refreshed and with a lot of fun memories of the trip. Also if you get the chance I was just featured on a treasury at Etsy, a spooky Halloween page, please take a peek!

Monday, September 20

Garden Nymph

Garden Nymph...
Garden Nymph... by mystic2awesome

Enjoy the green of you garden before it's gone, the golds and reds are starting to pop out and soon everything will have a golden hue. September 21st International Day of Peace is the day to celebrate the peace we have and the peace we seek. September 23 is Bruce Springsteen's birthday, Happy Birthday to The Boss!

This piece will allow you to bring the green of the garden inside while adding a little whimsical enjoyment to any room. This little lady has her hair braided with beads and trinkets and a glass petal piece. She is free standing and her limbs can be positioned and she is standing on a lovely metal and glass pedestal. Just click on the image and it will take you to kaboodle and back to my shop or click one of the photos for my Etsy shop.

Saturday, September 18

Eye See U

Halloween Cheer
Halloween Cheer by mystic2awesome

You the weaver. Weave and sew. A robe of light. Ah, see it glow. IMAGINATION Wrap it 'round from head to toe. In your mind, a picture show: by Dolores Dahl in "Suddenly Alone" pg #129 Without imagination we are all dead in mind, spirit and heart. My imagination is wired into Halloween for the next month or so and I will be so sad to see it go. Halloween allows us to make fun of the things we otherwise may fear and allows us to eat chocolate while in disguise, what could be more fun!

Friday, September 17

I wanna be a Cyborg

I have decided to be a Cyborg. Since the Doctor thinks I need a knee replacement I may as well go all the way or not at all. I will replace the knees so I can go hiking again, because that was the only way I ever loved to exercise. I might as well replace these fingers too because my Mother has had Arthritic fingers and hands for years and I am headed that way. Can I get one finger replaced with a thread seam ripper please and while your at it I may as well be know as "Emme Scissorhands" too. Instead of botox just give me a nice shiny metal dome that will never show a wrinkled brow and metallic permanently curled locks in a nice shade of silver slate. I may need to have my feet replaced with roller blades so I can really move around fast. Do you have a cell phone-Ipod-dvd- alarm clock with a timer that you could possibly insert behind one ear and I'll be good to go!

Thursday, September 16

Incantation Protection

Incantations have always been a favored way of assisting folks from ancient times to the present day. There are powerful gemstones that can aid one in various ways, there are "power" colors and color psychology which in itself has been proven to change ones moods. There are oils who's fragrance is known to alter and calm the user and spices to be used in all manner of aromatherapy. I think visual beauty is an important aspect to all of these after all why not decorate using all of these traits mentioned above. Also click on the link to see more:

Wednesday, September 15

Put a Hex on Scammers

I am putting a hex on this scammer, right now, this very minute. They emailed me that I had won a ton of money or some lottery that I did not even know existed. This is a scam right? O.K. then load the cauldron with a few dead man's toes, eye of newt, a pinch of this and a pinch of that. Or if anyone thinks this is not a scam, be my guest and just try to get that money, it would probably bring me more problems than I already have anyway. Just beware if they ask you to send them some money to claim the so called riches.

If you do think it's an evil scam to get my precious little bit of money that I have at my disposal then you can join me in casting a "receive the ripples you send out" spell or cast your own hex or you could just send them an email to tie up their systems (a hundred thousand should do the trick). Or you could alert others to be very careful of emails promising loads of money.MCharles@LPCH.ORG>
Sent: Sunday, September 12, 2010 8:20:53 PM
Subject: Serial no: 5368/02

Dear Winner,
Winning Notification
This is to notify you that you have won £850,000.00 in
our online email lottery in which e-mail addresses are
picked randomly by computerised balloting, powered
by the Internet. Your email address was amongst
those chosen for this period.
Ticket no: 56475600545 188
Serial no: 5368/02
Winning number: {47}
Draw (#1187)
To claim your prize, please contact:
Fiduciary Agent Mr.Robert Hache
Tell: +447031995956
Yours faithfully,
Dr. Marlene G. Charles CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE: This communication and any attachments may contain confidential or privileged information for the use by the designated recipient(s) named above. If you are not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that you have received this communication in error and that any review, disclosure, dissemination, distribution or copying of it or the attachments is strictly prohibited. If you have received this communication in error, please contact the sender and destroy all copies of the communication and attachments. Thank you. MSG:104-123

Saturday, September 11

9-11 and 9-21

First and foremost all my prayers, positive thoughts and respect go to those whom were lost on 9-11 and all those souls whose lives were changed forever on that fateful day of immeasurable loss. Second please remember also 9-21 which is the International Day of Peace and pray with me that peace will reign soon over this world and it's inhabitants.

Thursday, September 9

Il Mare Atelier: Art finds

If you get the chance take a look at il Mare Atelier, I guarantee your love the inspirational blogging there. This little piece is a newly acquired vintage piece I just listed at my shop and even though it's German made it reminds me of a French maiden or Victorian Lady, are those three all the same, maybe!
Il Mare Atelier: Art finds

The Spirit Keeper

This tiny Spirit Jar comes with it's own Spirit Jar Protector, the Spirit Keeper and she will protect the jar of spirits with her mystical talismans braided into her hair with tiny delicate copper wire. She used to be a Native Indian Doll of some type but at some time may have been abused because she wasn't in the best of shape. She has a bisque or maybe porcelain head and hands (how do you tell actually) and a fabric cloth body. She had to have a new fabric pancho designer top of tiny golden wire in swirls shaped like "8's" and lots of beads. Her pants are now painted on (because I am terrible at sewing) and her Moroccans have been repainted and beaded. She sits on a throne of medium sized sea shells of some type and has a silvered metal fish on a chain at her side, recycled from a belt which no longer fits my waist that I've had for a while.

Monday, September 6

Alice in Dreamland

Alice's Wonder...
Alice's Wonder... by mystic2awesome

Alice has been Lucid Dreaming again and playing with that little "Drink Me!" bottle with the Morning Glory seed Koolade and she and her new friends don't know if they will grow or shrink. Usually it's the problems that grow and the opportunities that shrink, but each has to learn at their own pace.

Halloween is almost upon us and I have already started decorating, I have a spider wreath at my front door and two glow in the dark skeletons ready to take up residency in the back yard which overlooks a golf course. I am trying to figure out how to put a golf club into their hands and golf hats on their scrawny bony heads. They are a cute couple and should have a great time out in the back yard visiting with all the other scrawny bony golfers. Happy Halloween decorating to all and if you don't already know there are a few of us who live Halloween all year long.
I celebrate:
Happy Halloween New Year in January.
Bloody Valentines Day in February.
March is a hunt for that animal who wants to see his shadow once too with his head!
April is the celebration of "All Hallows Dead Egg Hunt".
May showers bring out all the Serial Oregon at least.
June we usually celebrate a wedding of an Undead Couple, till death do they part.
Happy Deadly 4th of July, and blow something up.
August is a Fall Hotter than Hell Festival with warm beer and some excellent salmonella potato salad.
September all the little Creepy short folks are going back to school, everyone celebrates except for the kids and teachers.
October of course is the Official celebratory month.
November we sometimes elect a new monster for presidency every four years and the years in between we try to find a way to cut his head off. (NSA alert, just kidding!!!!)
December is now the Nightmare before, during and after Christmas.
How do you celebrate your Halloween all year around?

Saturday, September 4

Cyberbot Love

SteamPunky by mystic2awesome

Showing some Cyberbot Love of the recycled kind, there is a use for everything and everything deserves a second life! And with this second life out landfills will be reduced if everyone gave everything a second life.

As Tom Lehrer once said:
If you visit American city,
You will find it very pretty.
Just two things of which you must beware:
Don't drink the water and don't breathe the air!

Wednesday, September 1

Celebrate September Peace

Sept. 21 Peace
Sept. 21 Peace by mystic2awesome

Reminding friends that September 21st is International Day of Peace and a perfect day to support all those who aid the Peace movement where ever they are and how ever they work toward an international goal of Peace. My gratitude and appreciation goes out to you.