Friday, December 31

Black New Year's Eve

On New Year's Eve in 160 the Countess Bathory of Hungary was walled up in a room in her castle and left to die for supposedly practicing black magic and murdering scores of the local townsfolk. It was not good to practice magic of any kind in 1610 regardless of one's position in life.

Wednesday, December 29


I know I am going to explode! I haven't had any decent outdoor light for days now, rain and snow and overcast days. When there is a little sun light peeking through I grab my camera but by the time everything is set up the sun is long gone behind some clouds or it's more rain or snow. There is a somewhat bright side though, the ducks and geese who are playing in the newly formed pond in my back yard are having a big party!

Tuesday, December 28

Breathe Green

Breathe Green in your mind, in your work and in your play and allow Mother Nature to give this gift to future generations. Recycle as much as you can each day, walk as much as you can and enjoy life's adventures leaving the smallest "dent" that you can upon this earth.

Saturday, December 18

Eve of Destruction

Eradicate evil with kindness, compassion and a smile, Keep evil from your hear until you walk in his shoes for a mile.

Thursday, December 16


I just created a little collage for my shop gothB4play at and I always come away smiling when I play there. Although I am not as creatively knowledgeable there as I would like to be I always have lots of fun and usually learn something new and see something fantastic by other creative minds.

Monday, December 13

Snowflake Kisses and Christmas Wishes

May you find Snowflake Kisses and Christmas Wishes under the stars this Holiday Season.

Monday, December 6

Lucid Dreaming Journal

Lucid Dreams are much easier to experience when you are able to remember your dreams. Your dreams are part of your short term memory, and as soon as you move even a little finger your mind starts to forget what you were dreaming of unless you immediately start reviewing your dream in your mind. When you review what happened in your dream it shifts to the long term memory area of your brain. Parts of your dream can still be lost to you but writing the dream down in a dream journal after reviewing it in your mind will help you remember it. Sometimes even when you read the journal a few days later you will find that you have forgotten some parts of the dream. The more able you are to remember your dreams the more control you will have over your dream world.