Saturday, December 21

Goodbye Eye Robots

Down to the last of my Eye Robots, the end of my vintage doll eyes.  It's been a fun ride and I love to check my little Eye Robot map to see where all the little darlings have gone to.  Florida gained the most Robots with a total of 8.  Now it's on to the next unique find that will lead me to new crafting adventures.

Monday, November 18

Doomsday Creating

This little Doomsday Driver's ride was created using vintage sewing machine parts for the body of the ride, jewelry pieces, beads and chains.  The wheels are buttons from old clothing which were unusable, I donate usable items to my favorite Thrift shops.  The beads, chains and jewelry pieces were from once loved costume jewelry pieces which were broken gathered from shops, garage sales and estate sales.  The only new items used was the adhesives and paint.

Wednesday, April 24

Gypsy Bag Bling

I've devoloped a fun way to use up some of those fabric pieces, lace, ribbon and etc. left over from crafting projects: Gypsy Bags!  I'm also using old clothing, doilies, place mats, scarves, men's ties and such and now totally I'm addicted and loving it.  I don't make the purses myself I'm not that good of a seamtress and I've found some great purse buys at Ross (shop for less sales), thrift shops and other shops.  I like woven purses and fabric purses the best and some of my fabrics are from vintage items that aren't suitable for normal use any longer.  Check out my shops at either gothB4play or mystic2awesome.

Tuesday, March 19

Tigerseye and Turquoise

TIGER-EYE (gold,brown and black) : Emotional balancer, grounding, centering. Softens stubbornness. Enhances personal power and will, self-confidence, optimism and communication. A good general tonic for spleen, pancreas, digestive organs and eye diseases.
Zodiac: Capricorn

TURQUOISE : Excellent for tissue regeneration, toning and strengthening the physical body. Encourages self-expression, promotes emotional balance and peace of mind. Aids circulatory and respiratory systems. Enhances psychic abilities, communication, balance, friendship, and loyalty. More potent when surrounded by gold. You should always be given this stone and not purchase it yourself.
Zodiac: Libra / Taurus Birthstone: December

Monday, February 25

Spirit Bottles of Beauty

Bottle trees have their roots in Congo culture. The practice was brought over by slaves who hung blue bottles from trees and huts as talismans to ward off evil spirits. It is believed that the spirits become mesmerized by the colors of the bottles in the sun. Once they enter the bottle, they can't find their way out, sort of like roach motels.  I thought I'd bring them into the home and dress them up a bit.  This is one I created using a vintage chandelier teardrop at the top pf the bottle.

According to Wikipedia, "Glass 'bottle trees' orginated in Northern Africa during a period when superstitious people believed that a genii or imp could be captured in a glass bottle. Legend had it that empty glass bottles placed outside the home could "capture" roving (usually evil) spirits at night, and the spirit would be destroyed the next day in the sunshine. This practice was taken to Europe and North America by African slaves. While Europeans adapted them into hollow glass spheres known as "witch balls" the practice of hanging bottles in trees became widespread in the Southern states of North America, where they continue to be used today as colorful garden ornaments." Well, not exactly, as Africans don't believe in genies or imps...wrong culture Wiki...but you got the general idea.