Sunday, November 20

Commissioned Piece

This is a Beauty and the Beast Belle which was enhanced with a very fairy make over

Tuesday, November 15

A Moon Path

Mystic2awesome Etsy shop

What strange things (broken and unloved) find their way into my shadowboxes. I never throw anything away without first trying to give it another chance to be loved. This piece, and others like it are in my mystic2awesome Etsy shop.

Tuesday, November 8

Little Girl Lost

Those blonde Barbies have nothing on this little Punked Junk girl in her newly reincarnated form. She was loved once then put aside and now she's ready to be loved once again.

Thursday, November 3

Spirit Jar Print

L.L. could use a spirit jar in her life right now, but with all the bad karma following the poor girl around she'll need a much bigger one than this! This is a print of a spirit jar created by me as an experiment in coloring the inside of the jar and I probably should have written down how I did it because I haven't been able to duplicate it.