Wednesday, March 28


Sweetness from a repurposed little blue Vintage Avon jar, repurposed jewelry pieces and other odds and ends.

Breathtaking Blues by gothB4play on Etsy

Breathtaking Blues by gothB4play on Etsy
Sometimes you've just gotta be blue all day long!

Wednesday, March 21

Bad Girls!

Am I a Bad Girl because I love, love, love Diva Dresses and hair extension tresses! She's a fun fashionista and has her very own pedistal to stand upon with lots of glitter and bling.

Monday, March 5

Eye Need Coffee

She's an Eye full and she needs her coffee just to get out of bed and into her pink boots! It's another dreary cloudy day here in Oregon and I'm wishing for a little Spring in the weather and in my step. Ooops, just looked outside and it's raining...again and even the Crows are hiding out of sight!