Tuesday, August 31

Steamjunk Marathong...ooops!

Junky Punk
Junky Punk by mystic2awesome

Enjoy my Steampunk Marathong...did I misspell that, oh well it won't be the first time I have uttered pure nonsense. I have been using some interesting (some vintage) sewing machine parts and pieces on some of my Punky Junk creatures. These little creatures are making me have some weird vivid dreams though, at least I think its the creatures that are causing it. Maybe I need to spend a little time doing something with flowers, sweetness and spice to clear my dreamscape up a little. Maybe not, these things are addictive and I can't wait to see how the next one evolves.

Sunday, August 22

Check it out!!

Are you Lucid Dreaming, if not Check out my new cube!

Get my cube or Create your own

Creating my little creatures is a great anti anxiety exercise, it relaxes the mind and the body.

Monday, August 16

My workspace, help!

Have mercy on me, this is my workspace and I know it's not positive vibration approved. I start out with just a few items I am working with and then the Clutter Monster is released.

Yes that is me in the mirror, I always surround my working space in mirrors and this one is very old and has lots of personality, maybe a ghost attached to it or maybe just my Hypnogogic Hallucination.

Do you believe that your best creative endeavors are best realized with or without clutter? For some reason I think I am at my best creative self with lots of clutter, it inspires me and gives me new ideas seeing all the odds and ends there in front of me.

Monday, August 9

Magic Moon

Magic Moon...
Magic Moon... by mystic2awesome

The magic of the moon is in the air as we start to look forward to the coming scent of coolness that the end of summer will bring. New beginnings always mean saying goodbye to something old or something no longer of use.
Recycling old jewelry and turning it into something new and again something of use is a favorite pastime and helps keep my fingers flexible as my arthritis threatened finger joints are oiled from hard work and creativity and my brain is distracted from pain.

Saturday, August 7

Life Long Haunting Hallucinations and Sleep Paralysis

Life Long Haunting Hallucinations and Sleep Paralysis

Click the link for a really interesting true story regarding sleep visitations. I am very lucky that my visitor doesn't do much except sit on my bed at night and then get up and sit back down over and over. He does it sometimes five or six times then just stops. I never see him, never hear him. I kind of like the idea that even when I am alone I am not ever really alone at night. I see him as a guardian, and even my hubby has felt him sit on the bed. And yes we did buy a whole new bed, and still he sits and gets up and sits again.

Tuesday, August 3

Spirit Jar

This artist is not responsible for any spirits which may escape in the event the purchaser breaks any Spirit Jar created by this shop. No fairies or spirits are, have been or will be harmed during the trapping phase and will only be entertained here allowing them to be discouraged from playing pranks such as hiding one's car keys or making one's oatmeal boil over. Be advised that you are responsible for the keeping of this Spirit Jar and dusting it on a regular basis as some fairies have been known to have dust allergies (spirits on the other hand have no such problem).


Sunday, August 1

Reinvented handmade

Handmade... by mystic2awesome

I have been having a ton of fun recycling lately, I've been looking through all my perfumes, spray toiletries, bottles and jars. My choices are from 3 inches tall to about 5 inches because they will fit almost anywhere.

I embellish them with a colorful bottom which is an interesting art work itself of swirling silvers or golds then I add some beads, glass chips or polished rocks. I finish off the bottom with some colored ink which being water on enamel adds an interesting touch of color blast among the metallic swirls . When the inside dries I add wooden beads which have been aged for four years in dragons blood, herbs and scents for their protective elements. I have also added polished rocks, various gemstone chips, beads, shells and colors which reflect power to the inside of the jar.

A few incantations are added, just the right amount of dewdrops are added and just the right amount of moonlight to make sure the items and the jar is attractive to wayward fairies and spirits who, with nothing else to do like to play pranks such as hiding your car keys from you.
These jars are especially made to attract these little pranksters and give them a nice little place to play and distract them from playing their little tricks on humans. The jars are sealed shut (only fairies and spirits can enter them) using a decorative top of recycled jewelry pieces, buttons, chains, brooch pieces, and other odds and ends. The jars turn out beautiful and small enough to place anywhere, even in your car or your office space if you so wish (pranksters are everywhere you know). No fairies or spirits are harmed by these jars, they are just given a fun and entertaining place to play and they have so much fun they forget about playing their little tricks on humans.

Of course these jars are for adult entertainment only, and the maker is not responsible for any incidents regarding the breaking of said jar or bottle nor the escaping pranksters.