Saturday, June 18

Gone Baby Gone

Only 2 hours on the auction block and she was sold lock, stock and barrel (or in this cast coffee cup/beer stein). I will miss her dearly, she was quite the character and she has a very interesting new life now. She probably won't miss me much because her journey is taking her to faraway places back East and excitement is on her "bucket list". The only items used on her that were NEW was the adhesive glue used and everything else had a previous past life.

Sunday, June 12

Fairy Jewelry

To know the goals of your soul just listen to your inner self and follow your instincts. Develop self-reflection and try to create balance in all the levels of your life and remember that kindness like the ripples in water reach far and wide.

Monday, June 6

Cake Topper

A cake Topper which is uniquely designed using white faux pearl beads, rhinestones and clear seed beads with a silver colored Vintage Brooch embellishment at the bottom of the Brides gown. This is a one of a kind, never to be duplicated Bride and Groom cake topper for a magical moment.

Saturday, June 4

Punky Junk

My brain encased in metal and my body merged with machine leaving no flesh to bleed and no tears to weep I roll along in my new reincarnated form. No need to eat and no need to sleep I will watch over your cubicle and warn all who lurk that this place is under my protection. To see more views and a detailed description of my pieces and parts just click on my Etsy button nearby.