Saturday, June 26

Masquerade Party

Masquerade... by mystic2awesome

I am so excited! I got invited to a masquerade party at kaboodle and I am taking some of my party crashing friends with me! I just can't decide what to wear! With a body like mine, I can't go as Jessica Rabbit...I'm about 3 feet too short. Sorry I can't type much more. I broke my middle finger on my left hand and typing is is crafting, but I'll make do. :D

Tuesday, June 22


Enchanted... by mystic2awesome

Enchantment is the mind in love with the eye's view of something, the nose's whiff of a newly opened rose, the ear's interpretation of Bach and the fingers stroking of the coat of a new baby kitten.

Kit-n-Kaboodle Challenge #3 Styleboard at Kaboodle

Kit-n-Kaboodle Challenge #3 Styleboard at Kaboodle
O.K. Here I go, I am going to try to put this sweet little board on my blog. I was so delighted to learn that one of my little treasures had been featured. This little beaded doll works great as an avatar. Take your own photos and your good to go. Change up your avatars depending on the season by dressing her up with a Santa Hat or Halloween hat, keep her on your desk to ward off those energy vampires who chew up all your positive energy and spit out their negative energy.

Well, I tried anyway! The picture of the Kaboodle Challenge board didn't pop up only the link, so just click on the link and it will take you into a wonderful world of Kaboodle fun! I am having a great start on this fine Monday morning. I'm on a kaboodle board, I got featured on Regretsy which got me lots of notice and I have an actual job interview today!

Monday, June 21

Kelseys Treasures

Kelseys... by mystic2awesome

A big THANK YOU goes out to Kelsey at Etsys Kelseystreasures for featuring my Gaga Goth Girl on her treasury "Awesome Weird"! It's so much fun getting my items listed in a treasury with other weird and awesome treasures. What a way to start out a Monday morning and to start my week off. I also had a piece listed at Regretsy which is a funny site that makes fun of oddball items etsy is selling. It's all in fun and makes me giggle when I read the comments.

Thursday, June 17

Opposites attract

Opposites... by mystic2awesome

Opposites do attract, two halves can become one and once one can never be the same alone again. That one look across a crowded room, that one accidental touch of fingertip to fingertip that sparks an electrical sizzle of heat and throb of heart will never grow old. Let fate choose for she is wise and knows the heart best.

The altered doll in red-orange and the wild hair is the newest addition to my altered, reincarnated doll series. This time at the bottom of my endless jar of broken, mismatched and odd ball jewelry pieces I found a yearning to go a little steampunk cyborg princess crazy. I hope you enjoy this one and for more views check my shop at Etsy.

Sunday, June 13

Gaga Goth Girl

Newly reincarnated Gaga Goth Girl, no her mascara didn't run she just likes it this way. She's fierce, she's fine and she's fabulous in her designer one of a kind Vampsace black netted pantie gown. She has goldstone chip beads woven into her braided white blond hair and silvered accessories. Summer is finally here and she is read to romp and rumble with her very own pet, a former boyfriend she turned into a rat...because he was.

Sunday, June 6

Quest for Love

The Quest for...
The Quest for... by mystic2awesome

The quest for love is as old as the earth itself, micro organisms love right? Sometimes you just get lucky and sometimes not so lucky. This board was created just for the fun of it. Hope someone gets a chuckle out of it and yes I made the know I just have to add something of mine into the mix.

Saturday, June 5

Magic Moon Memories

Magic Moon...
Magic Moon... by mystic2awesome

Is it just me or does everyone have strange dreams when there is a full moon? I've noticed that my dreams are somewhat odd during the full moon and milder when there is very little of the moon showing. I know people get into more trouble then and fight more that usual. That's been proved by our police report logs anyway. However much trouble it may cause the full moon is still the most beautiful of all the many moon fashion shows it puts on for us.