Wednesday, August 24

Twig Head

She's full of sweet colored flowers, trees, plants and blooms,
She's Mother Natures daughter and Father Times neice,
Unless she's pushed she's such a shy and timid child,
But you've had your chance and She's ready to unleash her beast.
First I came across the glass flower and leaf on a long stem which have been placed inside her head. The smaller glass petals are form an old flower arrangement which had colored wires wrapped around their ends which had rusted. Once loved they are waiting for someone to love them just one more time.

Thursday, August 18

Basket Case

Yes... those aer the marbles I lost when I became a Basket Case. I found these little baskets of bright gold aluminum and they were the perfect size for the little dolls who wanted to be reincarnated, and that is either paint or toner on my face.

Wednesday, August 17

A Basket Case

If you are losing your might be a Basket Case. If you can't find your car keys... you might be a Basket Case. If you have toner all over your hands and face ... you might be a Basket Case! If you're losing control of time ... you might be a Basket Case!

Tuesday, August 9

Memories to share

Memories of someone's life, once loved items with unknown pasts all given another chance to be loved and remembered once again. The day is not a total loss if only one little memory of happiness is created. Take that tiny bit of happy memory and focus on it not on those memories that blacken the soul with their bad memories and cause the vine of life to falter and wither.

Wednesday, August 3

Say Goodbye

"The puzzles of the heart, pieces of unknown, a journey without a map, can still lead you home."
A quote from my Melinda Field "Journey of the Maiden" oracle cards found at Saying goodbye is always difficult, but these little ones made from once loved materials are on their way to a new journey. Although I wish them well, It's always a little hard to say goodbye.

Tuesday, August 2

Boxed Treasures

We are born, we grow, we change and social companionship feeds that growth. Positive energy insures the greatest growth and without that we shrivel and fall behind in our growth. Put down strong roots and whether you are a short shrub or a tall tree be happy with yourself.
I always cleanse my materials of any lingering negative energies and charge them with positive energy before creating the items.

Monday, August 1

Eye Am!

Created using the Rocky Horror Show movie as inspiration but in a cyber futuristic theme using akk recycled materials except for the adhesive. Recycled brass bell makes for a lovely skirt but under the skirt there is the bell dangle 9use your imagination).