Thursday, December 15

Eye Robot

If I can plant one little seed of love,
That later on will blossum in a smile,
It matters not however else I fail;
My life will be worth while.
If I can do some little kindly act,
That may later soothe some sad heart's pain,
It matters not what else I do.
My life will not have been in vain. ~author unknown~

Friday, December 9


A Musical Doll in a steampunk style with a leather top hat and hand sculpted
head and hands. Spooky Doll. Assemblage Doll. As I strolled the isles of my
favorite Thrift Museum a small little once loved Christmas ornament caught my
eye and all was damaged except for the head and arms and that is what I started
this piece with. This is usually how my items begin, with a once loved item
longing to be loved just one more time.

Sunday, November 20

Commissioned Piece

This is a Beauty and the Beast Belle which was enhanced with a very fairy make over

Tuesday, November 15

A Moon Path

Mystic2awesome Etsy shop

What strange things (broken and unloved) find their way into my shadowboxes. I never throw anything away without first trying to give it another chance to be loved. This piece, and others like it are in my mystic2awesome Etsy shop.

Tuesday, November 8

Little Girl Lost

Those blonde Barbies have nothing on this little Punked Junk girl in her newly reincarnated form. She was loved once then put aside and now she's ready to be loved once again.

Thursday, November 3

Spirit Jar Print

L.L. could use a spirit jar in her life right now, but with all the bad karma following the poor girl around she'll need a much bigger one than this! This is a print of a spirit jar created by me as an experiment in coloring the inside of the jar and I probably should have written down how I did it because I haven't been able to duplicate it.

Sunday, October 30

Hang in There!

I found this poor little Angel in a bag of thrift store goodies. When things are of little value, broken, damaged or not worth putting a real price on them the thrift store in question puts them into a bag and sells them for one price. This little Angel had almost completely faded out and was on it's last legs. But to me it was a challenge, a blank bleached out and worn canvas just waiting to be the star of "The Christmas Makeover". Here she is now with a hand dyed finish, white painted accents, new eyes, fabulous Angel Hair "hair" and a bit of wire wrapped beads.

Sunday, October 23

Winged Bot on Caffeine

Have you had your morning coffee yet? This image of one of my Eye Robot creatures was taken with a mirror at it's back so you can see the pale magenta netted wings and little coffee cuo and saucer.

Friday, October 14

Christmas Weddings

Christmas Weddings where you can throw snow instead of rice, wear fluffy pastels and drink hot chocolate with Champagne wishes and marshmellow kisses! I just finished this little wedded pair for a cute Christmas cake topper or Valentine's Day.

Friday, October 7

Dragon Stinks too, two!

Sometimes you just have to vent that silly bone or it will explode and splatter it's silliness all over everything and you won't be able to be serious for weeks!

Monday, October 3

Halloween Hunk

He's a Halloween Hunk without the "body mass" and maybe a little slim for my taste but he's waiting for that special someone to love him! He rides a vehicle made of Vintage sewing machine parts, buttons and odds and ends. He has big biker boots and wired arms that are part of his new reincarnation and can be used as a protector of your desk or a cake topper for Halloween.

Saturday, September 24

Cyber Cat and Friend

This little Cyber Cat with a human head and cat body with tiny copper wires and tattered black fabric head hair loves her new reincarnated look!

Monday, September 5


I'm always looking for something new to try and this little box was found unfinished but with a blemish or two at one of my favorite Thrift Museums. I had aquired a bunch of old stamps a while back and knew as always happens that something would show itself needing a few old stamps and here was this little wooden box. I left the picture frame at the bottom loose so if you want you can insert your own vintage photo into it. The colors used for the box itself is my own secret combination technique of hand dying wood to give it a matte "old worn" look. As always, because I don't know the past life or experiences the materials have been subjected to, all materials are cleansed of any and all negative energies and incantations are enabled to insure a positive flow of energy radiating from the piece.

Wednesday, August 24

Twig Head

She's full of sweet colored flowers, trees, plants and blooms,
She's Mother Natures daughter and Father Times neice,
Unless she's pushed she's such a shy and timid child,
But you've had your chance and She's ready to unleash her beast.
First I came across the glass flower and leaf on a long stem which have been placed inside her head. The smaller glass petals are form an old flower arrangement which had colored wires wrapped around their ends which had rusted. Once loved they are waiting for someone to love them just one more time.

Thursday, August 18

Basket Case

Yes... those aer the marbles I lost when I became a Basket Case. I found these little baskets of bright gold aluminum and they were the perfect size for the little dolls who wanted to be reincarnated, and that is either paint or toner on my face.

Wednesday, August 17

A Basket Case

If you are losing your might be a Basket Case. If you can't find your car keys... you might be a Basket Case. If you have toner all over your hands and face ... you might be a Basket Case! If you're losing control of time ... you might be a Basket Case!

Tuesday, August 9

Memories to share

Memories of someone's life, once loved items with unknown pasts all given another chance to be loved and remembered once again. The day is not a total loss if only one little memory of happiness is created. Take that tiny bit of happy memory and focus on it not on those memories that blacken the soul with their bad memories and cause the vine of life to falter and wither.

Wednesday, August 3

Say Goodbye

"The puzzles of the heart, pieces of unknown, a journey without a map, can still lead you home."
A quote from my Melinda Field "Journey of the Maiden" oracle cards found at Saying goodbye is always difficult, but these little ones made from once loved materials are on their way to a new journey. Although I wish them well, It's always a little hard to say goodbye.

Tuesday, August 2

Boxed Treasures

We are born, we grow, we change and social companionship feeds that growth. Positive energy insures the greatest growth and without that we shrivel and fall behind in our growth. Put down strong roots and whether you are a short shrub or a tall tree be happy with yourself.
I always cleanse my materials of any lingering negative energies and charge them with positive energy before creating the items.

Monday, August 1

Eye Am!

Created using the Rocky Horror Show movie as inspiration but in a cyber futuristic theme using akk recycled materials except for the adhesive. Recycled brass bell makes for a lovely skirt but under the skirt there is the bell dangle 9use your imagination).

Saturday, July 30


Attitude once a big part of this little dolls life, now restored with a new make over designed by my most favorite designer "Vampsace". She will protect your space with that attitude and her tarnished brass colored sword with her glass knob "gazing ball" holder sitting in front of her. Everything about her is recycled except for the paint and adhesive.

Tuesday, July 26

Who's Your Cat

From a once Victorian Cat to a now reincarnated futuristic Steampunked cool cat with attitude! If I am very lucky someone will do the same for me one day.

Thursday, July 21

Goth Angel

Ignore the outside world pounding on your door, catch your breath and be open to miracles and magic!

Saturday, June 18

Gone Baby Gone

Only 2 hours on the auction block and she was sold lock, stock and barrel (or in this cast coffee cup/beer stein). I will miss her dearly, she was quite the character and she has a very interesting new life now. She probably won't miss me much because her journey is taking her to faraway places back East and excitement is on her "bucket list". The only items used on her that were NEW was the adhesive glue used and everything else had a previous past life.

Sunday, June 12

Fairy Jewelry

To know the goals of your soul just listen to your inner self and follow your instincts. Develop self-reflection and try to create balance in all the levels of your life and remember that kindness like the ripples in water reach far and wide.

Monday, June 6

Cake Topper

A cake Topper which is uniquely designed using white faux pearl beads, rhinestones and clear seed beads with a silver colored Vintage Brooch embellishment at the bottom of the Brides gown. This is a one of a kind, never to be duplicated Bride and Groom cake topper for a magical moment.

Saturday, June 4

Punky Junk

My brain encased in metal and my body merged with machine leaving no flesh to bleed and no tears to weep I roll along in my new reincarnated form. No need to eat and no need to sleep I will watch over your cubicle and warn all who lurk that this place is under my protection. To see more views and a detailed description of my pieces and parts just click on my Etsy button nearby.

Thursday, May 19


How do you display your magical Crystal Ball or Gazing Globe? This mystical golden circle of glitz and bling is just what you've been looking for. One of a kind, though similar to others I have made none has exactly the same jewelry pieces and each is a journey of reincarnating once loved jewelry pieces and their magical positive energies into a beautiful piece of Art.

Friday, May 13

Crystal Ball Holder

What do you use to hold your most precious Crystal Ball or gazing globe? This on is made of a recycled golden snake belt, beads, jewelry pieces and glass. What else can I do with these skinny old snake belts from the 80's? For more views and description see my little shop at Etsy.

Sunday, May 1

Crystal Ball Holder

What do you use to hold that precious Crystal Ball or Gazing Ball that you love so dearly. This is made almost totally from recycled items. The glass flower used to belong to a lamp, the silver aluminum outer petals were from Christmas lighting decorations, recycled buttons, jewelry pieces and chains with even the bottom covered in recycled silvered leather. I never throw anything away without first trying to think of a way to recycle.

Friday, April 22

Unicorn Magic

This is a piece I am working on now, she was found dirty and sad at my favorite thrift store. Some child either grew tired of playing with this little white horse and it was thrown into the donation box. I put the horn on it's forehead which is actually a recycled broken Christmas ornament of pretty swirled glass. I wanted a picture of it like this because the unicorn wants me to make her not just pretty and a unicorn but fabulous as well. It's her choice, her imagination, her inspiration and just my bony old arthritic hands so who am I to argue with a Unicorn.


This poor little girl secrets untold, lost her mind and lost her head.
Secrets spilling as it rolled poor little girl filled with dread.
Hair flying the little head rolled, chipping a cheek and losing it's nose.
Then into the green river, head floating away like water flows.
Lives numbered eight she's sharing a head with a favored cat.
whose memories were furry and lips that hissed and spat.
Head and body as they are now, together they make life so fun.
Running fast and free the two, Both girl and cat living as one.

Thursday, April 21

Pet Mummy

Your very own Pet Mummy encased in glass and golden bling with gemstones at his feet and an ankh dangle to watch over your desk, your cubicle or any private space where Energy Vampires lurk.

Sunday, April 10

Cute Creatures All

This little creature has a body that is a glass vial in the shape of grape clusters with swirled silver and magenta and holds a collection of incantation charged polished rock chips and other tiny odds and ends and can be hung up in a window by the string of seed beads. She has movable arms that are made from recycled jewelry chains, wire and beads and hair of tiny pale gold colored wire. Once loved items and materials donated to a favored charity are now brought together and waiting to be loved once again.

Sunday, March 6

Bride of Gollum

The Bride of Gollum (remember that creepy Hobbit creature) turns around and around on this crazy spooky base while the Braham's Lullaby plays on a recycled music machine torn from the stomach of a toy stuffed dog which had seen much better days once upon a time long, long ago. Will it sing you to sleep or into a nightmare? in her beaded Vampsace designer top of tattered black and silver just waiting to be adopted.

Wednesday, March 2

Cyber Glitz Babe

I used to be the love of her life, her best friend and her keeper of secrets. That was once upon a time, long, long ago. Then I was tossed aside for some skinny Barbie with a pink convertible. Now I am the Lady of Bling, the Girl of Glitz and she is going to be sorry she and I parted ways! I have been reincarnated in tattered velvet and silver chains. I have been given a steampunked make over and I am ready to be loved once again.

Monday, February 28


Someone once asked Einstein what the difference was between him and the average person. He replied that when asked to find a needle in a haystack the average person stops upon finding the needle but he (Einstein) would keep looking even after finding the needle. I'm no Einstein, but I do share the "keep looking" trait when creating I am never so satisfied with the project that I produce it over and over, but keep looking forward to improving and/or reinventing it.

Sometimes like with this piece I started it a few months ago and then stopped because I knew it needed "something" but couldn't decide what that "something" was. Then I came across a raw cluster of amethyst crystals and went back to finish the piece using a single beautiful crystal as the top focal piece. The crystal's top is pointing up and the bottom is open to the inside of the jar so it will focus energy from within the jar to the outside or the jar, or maybe it's the other way around. (I don't know because I am just the laborer and the brains is the piece itself).

Thursday, February 17

Cat Whiskers

You loved me once, this I know. Then my little leg fell off above the toe. You just threw me away like trash, not caring again with me to play. In pain I moaned a little and cried a lot. So then with love this friend paid and bought. She gave me faith and a little bling. She glued and painted and did her thing. Now I'm laughing in smiling glee, because someone believes in me.

Tuesday, February 1

Cyber Vintage Assemblage

Do you have a taste for that odd ball development of recycled assemblage using Vintage pieces in weird ways and creating something even if that "something" is from a wacky dream. Having fun by letting the piece create itself and watching it evolve is a great way to release stress and sit back and laugh at your self like you did as a child. Some how during all those years of growing up, becoming adult and searching for your "ideal" life some of us have lost those child like talents and child like feelings of just having fun.

Thursday, January 20

Spirit Rehab Jar

Our unique perception of shapes and colors has to be one of our most cherished creative talents at our disposal. What you dream can become as real as you wish it to be with just a little glue of persistence. Here is my little oddball Spirit Rehab Jar all dressed up and nowhere to go.

Thursday, January 13

2011 Love

My prediction for the year 2011 is lots of love for everyone everywhere!

Tuesday, January 4

Life Seeds

Seed your life with kindness, sprinkle gently with lots of caresses and kisses and watch as the love grows. My New Year's resolution this year is to see love in everything and if there is none spread some seeds.

Saturday, January 1

Spirits with the Uglies

Ringing in the New Year with a little Spirit of the Uglies, a Raunchy Ritzy Rehab for your spirits who have been naughty, or just a little ugly this year. This little spirit jar was once a napkin ring, a necklace, a chandelier, a salt shaker, a necklace, buttons from a dress and much, much more!