Friday, October 29

Halloween Happiness

Tomb it May...
Tomb it May... by mystic2awesome

Happy Halloween, and for those who eat just a few too many sweet treats keep a bottle of water in the fridge with peeled pieces of Ginger which helps little tummy aches and makes a nice refreshing drink. I always keep some in my Fridge and like it added to my tea, my seven-up or just drink it by itself. When it's gone you can start a new bottle and it will last for about two weeks. The Spanish loved the taste of Ginger and brought it with them to the New World.

Wednesday, October 27

Steampunk Baby

Meet the Steampunk Baby of the 2525 (do you remember that song, In the Year 2525) he has the new improved baby buggy which is wired into his little brain to keep all systems at the ready. I used some little gold toned metal buttons, beads, some wire and washers too. There is a cute beaded heart on the front of his chest and his buggy carriage is an altered piece I found at my favorite Thrift Museum. This little one will be going on sale at my Etsy site soon.

In the year 2525, if man is still alive...if woman can survive!

Monday, October 25


I am up for the Challenge, no not the Cutthroat Challenge but the "Halloween what do I wear" challenge. How about this outfit, I think it looks pretty good and I know it still fits because I wear this on some of the other social sites I visit. I get to play with the sewing needle sword and the recycled silver earring shield. This is the photo that got me 1700 views in one day from regretsy so now it's famous, right. It will look great on any red carpet and I can always dress it up a little more with a few faux diamonds.

Saturday, October 23



~Magickal Graphics~

"A Charm to Keep a Cat from Straying" was found in The Crone's Book of Charms & Spells by Valerie Worth today. It sounds really interesting and in no way that I could see could it bring your cat anything but good fun and friendly petting with a treat. How many people out there put spells on their pet's to keep them from wandering away and possibly into the way of harm? I don't have pets, I am allergic to pet dander which includes cats, dogs and birds but not turtle nor fish dander. Those two pets do not seem to be in any danger of wandering away, but I just might try it on my husband.

Friday, October 22

Little Lies

An amazing piece of trivia about little lies, when do you feel a little lie is O.K. and who you would never, ever lie to. I don't tell lies of any kind, that is my other personality who does that(liar, liar). I do lie to my husband if his ego needs polishing (sorry honey). I lie to my Mother if it will keep that halo on my head she thinks she sees. But those are only little lies.

Wednesday, October 20

Hambuglar Halloween

Hamburglar... by mystic2awesome

Who is going to be your date for Halloween? I love dressing up for Halloween, but my husband is another story entirely and really not a compatible one at that. I am lucky if I can get him to wear one piece (a very small piece) of a costume at all. He will not let me paint his face but he will on occasion let me put a tattoo on him with one of my markers. I thought about buying some glow in the dark lip balm to see if I could trick him into putting some on. One year I put a glow in the dark hand print thingy on his butt and that worked pretty good for a while, but he figured it out when his friends made fun of him. If anyone has any ideas I'd love to hear about them.

Monday, October 18

Etsy Shop Ideas

Some say Vintage items and old/used things bought with no knowledge of their past should be cleansed of all negative energies because you do not know who used it last or what they used it for or even what they did while in possession of the item. You can physically clean some things with washing and a bowl of salt, salt water or sea water. A tool can be cleansed by wiping it down and then placing it into a bowl full of salt (wrap the item if you are worried the salt may mar the finish). If you have your own incantations you can also use those or one of the many incantations found in books and the internet these days.

Sunday, October 17

Winter Sun

Sun Catchers
Sun Catchers by mystic2awesome

The best window to put your Sun Catcher(s) in is the South window to catch the most sun and reflect the prettiest of reflective rays into your home and on your walls. I have lots, way too many to count because the ones I have hanging always end up with baby Sun Catchers, crystals, lead crystal balls, colored glass chandelier pieces and yes even pieces of CD's hanging out there on the South side of my home and windows.

The neighbors get to share in the morning kaleidoscope of flashing light and colors and none have complained. Except a couple of cats that run themselves crazy chasing the light beams around the yard. They bounce off my living room walls and my kitchen and where I have strategically place mirrors on my walls they bounce once again. Some of the lights and rainbows bounce all the way into one bathroom and bedroom at the far end of the house.

The photo above is of one of my newly made Sun Catchers, a Spirit Jar that also looks great with sun shining through it and a Vampire vessel of frosted glass that shows lovely colored glass inside when the sun hits on it.

Thursday, October 14

Jungle Jumble

Jungle Fever
Jungle Fever by mystic2awesome

Just a little jumble jungle of color before all the leaves turn to brown and Winter winds blow ice crystals on all the limbs left naked in the trees. If you look closely you will see blue elephants and yellow bears having fun in the jungle. There is fog outside my window today, that's why I was looking for a little color today. The ducks don't seem to mind that the fog has rolled in and it's chilly outside and when the noisy crows fly in among them they just waddle to the side and let the crows be crows like bullies in a schoolyard.

Wednesday, October 13

Witchy Cat Graphics & Comments

~Magickal Graphics~

Cat lovers everywhere should be happy to know that catgut is NOT made of the intestines of cats. Catgut is actually made from the intestines of sheep, bad news for all you sheep lovers out there. Usually used to string musical instruments and tennis rackets, no one seems to know exactly why it was ever called "catgut" to begin with unless it refers to the sound untrained students make on their instruments.

Tuesday, October 12

Hang in there

Magickal Graphics

~Magickal Graphics~

Hang in there it is definitely worth the blisters, bumps and bruises that your heart will endure because the love at the end of the tunnel will always be there waiting. Hang in there, because among all that bad news on the TV this morning will have one little grain of good news where someone has overcome enormous odds. Hang in there, because today's unemployment, illness or heartache will make you that much stronger than you were yesterday.

Monday, October 11


Witchy Comments

~Magickal Graphics~

Spellcrafting is best done when the Moon's energy is at it's most intense and can amplify magical intent according to some beliefs. Saturday is also a good time to choose to work your magic spellwork because this day is ruled by Saturn which is also known as the Karma planet, which makes perfect sense to me. Karma is a very important thing to consider when Spellcrafting because every spell you create will return something of the spell to you and you surly do not want to create any bad Karma for yourself. Also be aware of the ripple theory, spells are like stones upon the water and after the first ripples have spread and touched others they are still in motion as their effects upon that first person sends out more ripples which will effect others and on, and on.

Sunday, October 10

Halloween Trivia

Days Of The Week Comments

Magickal Graphics

This just out...Frankenstein was NOT a monster! The 1818 novel (Frankenstein, or the Modern Prometheus written by Mary Shelley at age eighteen) and the 1931 movie (Frankenstein starring the actor Boris Karloff) both state that Frankenstein is the name of the student of natural psychology, who created the monster. Shelly named the monster Adam and in the movie he goes unnamed. The Book name and the movie names of "Frankenstein" so linked the likeness of the monster that he eventually became Frankenstein the monster forever in the mind of the fans.

Saturday, October 9

Lucid Dreams Undone

Lucid Dreams
Lucid Dreams by mystic2awesome

Maybe if I put a few snakes on my headdress (would they let me on that plane) I could scare a few nightmares away or at least make them into nightponies. It seems most of my worst or at least most annoying nightmares involving finding something to wear. In my dreams I can find a skirt to wear and then spend hours looking through a million closets with out finding a blouse that goes with the skirt. I know that must signify something, but for the life of me I can't seem to find the right answer because I keep having that dream. I guess it could be worse... a lot worse, but it is annoying.

If I am lucky enough to realize that I am dreaming then using my Lucid Dream techniques I whisk myself off to an amazing vacation resort of my choosing. It only takes a few seconds and there I am on a beach somewhere or maybe Vegas. I forget all about trying to find something to wear and just "zap" myself into a bikini or swanky outfit and off I go to explore. If you don't know what Lucid Dreaming is you are missing out on an exciting, relaxing and stress free way to spend a night NOT having nightmares or even nightponies.

Tuesday, October 5


Box of Spookies
Box of Spookies by mystic2awesome

Here is my very own handmade Spooky Halloween jewelry box with skeleton parts and jewelry pieces, tattered fabric netting and odds and ends mixed in with some kaboodle items and a little bit of fun. If you get a chance click on the link and visit Kaboodle and vote for my board, I'm entered into their contest for Halloween and please accept my appreciation in advance, THANK YOU!!

Sunday, October 3

Witchy Wishes

Witchy Comments & Graphics

~Magickal Graphics~

Who would have thought that copper, earth and seeds could be enchanted to build your business success! I just found this book at my favorite Thrift Museum called "Everyday Magic" by Dorothy Morrison and found a spell I am going to try. I had tried one once before using a piece of silver, but I may not have followed the directions properly. I do have a problem in that area, being a little dyslexic and a scatter brain, following directions is not my forte, even when I try my best I still screw something up. The spell is called the Basil Spell and all you need are a flower pot, basil seeds, soil, water and nine pennies. I'm poor but I think I can manage the ingredients, thank you very much Dorothy for allowing poor people to try their hand at casting spells to help make them less poor. If you get a chance and can find a copy or google it and buy one it is well worth the price, it is chock full of spells and charms that even a novice like me can follow.

Saturday, October 2

Kooky Spooky

Kooky Spooky
Kooky Spooky by mystic2awesome

I'm more Kooky than Spooky today, I have a migraine that won't quit and I am typing dyslexic and overusing my spell check...and cant concentrate on anything! Any and all home remedies, wise potions, spells and fixes are greatly appreciated. No, don't tell me to go to the insurance since I became one of the millions of unemployed but very willing to try a natural home remedy or two short of chopping off my head.

Friday, October 1

Mercy Mercy Me

Nature Comments & Graphics

~Magickal Graphics~

Marvin Gaye's song in 1971 lets one know that things are not that much different today. In his song "Mercy Mercy Me" he asks where did all the blue skies go? Poison is the wind that blows from the North and South and East. Things aren't as they used to be, Oil wasted on the ocean and up on our sea, Fish full of Mercury. What about this overcrowded land? How much more abuse from man can she stand? And that was almost forty years ago. We need to make a new rule, for every pound of cement that many pounds of plant life and trees must be planted within the same space! Can you imagine each building would have a huge park surrounding it and a grand floral terrace on top! I myself don't see that as a problem at all. For every ounce of water a big business ruins they have to clean up their own mess plus develop a purification plant in an area of need. Dream on sweet dreamers.