Sunday, October 30

Hang in There!

I found this poor little Angel in a bag of thrift store goodies. When things are of little value, broken, damaged or not worth putting a real price on them the thrift store in question puts them into a bag and sells them for one price. This little Angel had almost completely faded out and was on it's last legs. But to me it was a challenge, a blank bleached out and worn canvas just waiting to be the star of "The Christmas Makeover". Here she is now with a hand dyed finish, white painted accents, new eyes, fabulous Angel Hair "hair" and a bit of wire wrapped beads.

Sunday, October 23

Winged Bot on Caffeine

Have you had your morning coffee yet? This image of one of my Eye Robot creatures was taken with a mirror at it's back so you can see the pale magenta netted wings and little coffee cuo and saucer.

Friday, October 14

Christmas Weddings

Christmas Weddings where you can throw snow instead of rice, wear fluffy pastels and drink hot chocolate with Champagne wishes and marshmellow kisses! I just finished this little wedded pair for a cute Christmas cake topper or Valentine's Day.

Friday, October 7

Dragon Stinks too, two!

Sometimes you just have to vent that silly bone or it will explode and splatter it's silliness all over everything and you won't be able to be serious for weeks!

Monday, October 3

Halloween Hunk

He's a Halloween Hunk without the "body mass" and maybe a little slim for my taste but he's waiting for that special someone to love him! He rides a vehicle made of Vintage sewing machine parts, buttons and odds and ends. He has big biker boots and wired arms that are part of his new reincarnation and can be used as a protector of your desk or a cake topper for Halloween.