Friday, April 22

Unicorn Magic

This is a piece I am working on now, she was found dirty and sad at my favorite thrift store. Some child either grew tired of playing with this little white horse and it was thrown into the donation box. I put the horn on it's forehead which is actually a recycled broken Christmas ornament of pretty swirled glass. I wanted a picture of it like this because the unicorn wants me to make her not just pretty and a unicorn but fabulous as well. It's her choice, her imagination, her inspiration and just my bony old arthritic hands so who am I to argue with a Unicorn.


This poor little girl secrets untold, lost her mind and lost her head.
Secrets spilling as it rolled poor little girl filled with dread.
Hair flying the little head rolled, chipping a cheek and losing it's nose.
Then into the green river, head floating away like water flows.
Lives numbered eight she's sharing a head with a favored cat.
whose memories were furry and lips that hissed and spat.
Head and body as they are now, together they make life so fun.
Running fast and free the two, Both girl and cat living as one.

Thursday, April 21

Pet Mummy

Your very own Pet Mummy encased in glass and golden bling with gemstones at his feet and an ankh dangle to watch over your desk, your cubicle or any private space where Energy Vampires lurk.

Sunday, April 10

Cute Creatures All

This little creature has a body that is a glass vial in the shape of grape clusters with swirled silver and magenta and holds a collection of incantation charged polished rock chips and other tiny odds and ends and can be hung up in a window by the string of seed beads. She has movable arms that are made from recycled jewelry chains, wire and beads and hair of tiny pale gold colored wire. Once loved items and materials donated to a favored charity are now brought together and waiting to be loved once again.