Sunday, January 31

Gothic Girl Doll

Beware my eyes upon you, touch not my wrath, see only my mask of childlike innocence which I use to cover my depravity and my black, black heart. I wear the beaded black, sequined black, glittered black, netted black, and threaded black on the blackest of black.

Mystic Gothic Girl Doll by mystic2awesome on Etsy

Saturday, January 30

Spirit Potions Bag

Looking for that perfect bag or pouch to carry your most potent spell potions in? Need I say that it MUST be adorned with colors that carry protection within them and dangles to confuse even the most mischievous of spirits. You can't put those most favored items in just any old bag and hope to preserve their potency not to mention style and one of a kind uniqueness. These also have items sewn inside to offer extra protection and of course you can always add your own easily. Colors have always had a psychological element from the beginning of time. I wear a lot of black but always have something of color in my jewelry, scarves, bags and such to add more layers of protective powers. I keep peppermint next to my computer to help with needed energy because it's a mental stimulant and jasmine for stress relief. What do you use to help protect and inspire you on a day by day basis?

Spirit Potions Bag with Beads and Buttons by gothB4play on Etsy

Friday, January 29

Gothic Bride and Groom

Valentine's Day is coming up soon, the biggest day of the year for proposals, Setting Wedding Dates, Engagements and Wedding Dates themselves. This is a hand altered Bride and Groom with the Bride wearing her one of a kind "Vampsace" gown. The color black is liked mostly by those who see themselves as strong, sophisticated and self reliant. That's great news for all of us black attire creatures. I personally started wearing black when I had a job where I had to get up very, very early and black usually matches another black or looks O.K. even with slight variations. Black is stain resistant, and if like me you tend to eat over your keyboard, really comes in handy. Black is very slimming, a little black dress just cannot be beat. What are some of your favorite reasons to wear black?

Gothic Bride and Groom Cake Topper in One of a Kind by gothB4play

Wednesday, January 27

Magickal Graphics - Gothic

Magickal Graphics - Gothic Comments & Graphics

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YouTube - Goth Barbie

YouTube - Goth Barbie

Kstew and Dfan are down and dirty and looking great in their dark garb. Looks like the girls are having a lot of fun for now.Check out the garb on the third girl though, she really likes her star studded goth attire. I just love how Kstew and Dfan don't feel they have to go to any great lengths to prove their gothness and their star quality, they just look so comfortable. A little later I heard it wasn't quite so comfortable due to an interviewer who made Kstew a little flustered but is it me or does she not look great when she is flustered, p*****off and about to punch someone. Go you dark girls, go!
Emme Toaye's Online Portfolio on

Gothic Girl

There is a village in India where they believe that some shamanistic women have two husbands. One is their living breathing husband the second is their "Spirit" husband. Or maybe it's the other way around the "Spirit" husband is with them first and the living breathing husband comes along years later at maturity. I'll be back later I need to create a Totem of some kind that will ward off any spirit husbands, I think one is enough.

There was this one "presence" that would visit me at night and I could feel "him" sit on the bed, get up and then sit down again. When it started my husband, who also felt it, thought it was our water bed (this was years ago). We purchased a new mattress custom made, and still we felt something sit on the bed, get up and sit down again. We bought a new home and a new bed, still there. At first I would think it was my husband sitting down on the bed and I would open my eyes and he wasn't even in the room. It was a little freaky at first, but he never did any damage, never made any noise, no breathing noises, actually pretty tame for a ghost. I eventually got used to it, like you do when your cat or dog sits by you on the bed, and no we had no pets.

Mystic Gothic Girl Doll by mystic2awesome on Etsy

Tuesday, January 26

Vampire Gentlemen

Patricia's Vampire Notes: Gentlemen Prefer Succubi - Blog tour and Contest


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Party Pooper

I thought I would experiment with polymer clay, I thought what an easy craft just like when I was a kid. I was wrong there is definitely a learning curve and lots of talent involved. Why I thought it was something I could do well on the first try when I can't even follow a simple recipe and was never my best around an oven. First of all, it wasn't too bad but it had my finger prints all over it and was pretty uneven. But when I left it in the oven too long it turned into a monster and nothing I could do would make it any better. Dress it upien jewels, a little paint and still it's a monster, but it's my monster so I put a party pooper plaque on it and said enough done. Enjoy! Have you ever tried something new and was the absolute worst at it, tell us about it!

Vampire Bracelet Cuff Wristlet for a Vampire Weekend by gothB4play

Sunday, January 24

Wise Words

"Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure, than to take rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much, because they live in the grey twilight that knows neither victory nor defeat." wise words spoken by Theodore Roosevelt. This is a grey (that's how Roosevelt spells it) twilight day today. I am one of those "poor spirits" who will know no victory or defeat today. Maybe tomorrow I'll rev up that positive vibration with some wispy smokey incense and I'll cleanse a couple of my crystals and start again on the road to "glorious triumphs". I'll visit my local library and Thrift Museum for inspiration, meditate in the park for a while with nature and have a root beer float and I'll be good to go again. What do you do to lighten up a"grey twilight " day?

Display Rings and Bracelets Elgantly with a by mystic2awesome

Wonderland SorCereSs

The Mad Hatter once said "We go around in circles here in Wonderland, but we always end up where we started". She started out a doll and she will remain a doll. She started out loved and maybe with luck she will end loved as well. She is stronger for her weary travels and trials in this world. She is ready to fight for what she believes in. She will stand steadfast against those who tell her she can't when she knows she can. Go little warrior sorceress, go!

SorCereSs of the CyBeRBoRya SeRiEs with her LoNg by gothB4play

Saturday, January 23

The Man-Cave

I won...I won...and I never win anything! I won a contest over at The Man-Cave. It just tickles me to no end. I love winning! If you get a chance go over to The Man-Cave (just click on the title) and see what's going on and enjoy.

Enter The Man-Cave: Spiral (2007) Review: The Anti-Hatchet (no spoilers)

The Mark

Congratulations Jen Nadol on the new release of her new book "The Mark"(click link in title above) It sounds like a reMARKable MUST READ! I'm not going to be a spoiler so you MUST see for yourself, and MARK my word it's going to be a best seller.

My learning curve is more of a roller coaster, I go up slowly then down real fast and just when I think maybe I know where I am going there is this big turn and here I go back the way I came. But if you are always trying to learn something new your brain just might not loose it's spongeability (since that's a word I just made up I can spell it any way I want).

Friday, January 22


New Energy Vampires for the year 2010! Just when we think we have more Vampires out there stealing our energy than we can possibly deal with the 2010 versions appear. These include the Earthquakes everywhere, anywhere and when the "where" will be in our country. Will Nevada really have beach front property in the year 2010. And what about the end of the world in 2012, when it was 2009 it seemed far away, but when we hit 2010 is suddenly seems so, so very close. The new movies coming out don't help things at all, they just give us new things to worry about thereby stealing that all precious positive energy we have so little of.

Energy Vessel to ward off ENERGY VAMPIRES by mystic2awesome

Thursday, January 21

Spirits Trapped

Mischievous spirits can sometimes be trapped when you get tired of them hiding your keys, your purse even your shoes. The stones and polished rocks in the jar attract the spirits and once inside the ornate sealed top keeps them from escaping back out to cause chaos. The dangles are used to confuse the spirits and makes them curious about what is in the jar. This will be a comfortable little home for the spirits and there are plenty of polished rocks, beads and etc. to keep them entertained. Each Spirit Jar has it's own unique personality and charm and no two are alike.

HandMADE Victorian Like One Of a KinD RiNg HolDer by gothB4play

Wednesday, January 20

Vampire Weekend DaRk ChiLD

Get ready for another Vampire Weekend only a couple of days left and the twilight to midnight be sleeping before dawn parties start. This Dark Child is dressed and ready to go as an escort for you to your next bash, I am sure he will be a great protector. I found several little naked dolls at my favorite Thrift Museum and then had a dream about piercing them with pins and giving them nice embellishments to wear from some of my recycled pieces. Sometimes I am lucky enough to turn a dream into a Lucid Dream and I explore my dream scape to see what I can find there to use as a creative technique. That is how Kieran became and I think he is happy with his reincarnated self for a while anyway.

HelLisH KierAn DaRk ChiLD of the uNnAmED two HorNed by gothB4play

Tuesday, January 19

Vampire Weekend ?

Vampire Weekend............I started this post and my computer wacked out on me...I think I probably have "computer buttkiss" which is when your computer doesn't know it's butt from it's brain and can't figure out which end to smooch with...or something like that. Happens to a lot of older computers I've heard. The computer companies install "computer buttkiss" in all their computers and if you don't kiss their butts and buy new stuff they flip a switch which activates the "buttkiss dll file" and all He** breaks loose at random intervals usually while you are in the middle of something important. They should outlaw this practice, but so far they haven't.LOL

Black GHOST Stone

The alchemist have a container sometimes called the "vas bene clausam" which means the well sealed vessel. They place their ingredients into it, what kind of vessel do you use to carry your spells, potions and such. The "well-sealed vessel" is also a metaphor for psychological transformation of one to another more potent entity. I never considered myself an alchemist at all but after reading "Psychological Perspectives, The Eternal Quest" issues. I believe everyone has a little bit of an alchemist inside them and they carry their own "vas bene clausam", well-sealed vessel all their lives adding to it and discarding items from it as they go through life. I found this book at one of my Thrift Museums the other day and realized that I have been making "well-sealed vessels" of a sort in their physical form for different uses and it was interesting to actually see another perspective on them. Native Indians have their own stories of alchemist containers, as do many other tales from other countries. There must be some truth to their power otherwise why is the practice so world wide.

Black GHOST Stone Wire Pendant Necklace ReIncarnated by gothB4play

Sunday, January 17

Gothic Dreams

Gothic dreams at will could be an interesting result? I keep experimenting with different techniques just to see what makes it easier to have Lucid Dreams.

I had an interesting experience doing this last night. Just after falling asleep, I thought I woke up and everything looked pretty normal. I saw my door close and thought my husband must have gotten up and closed it so when he turned the light on in the living it wouldn't wake me. I went back to sleep and suddenly there was something "hovering" above me and I was floating up toward "it". And then...the big "O"! Then I woke up, really woke up this time. It had been a dream, my door was not shut and my husband was not up. But it was an extreme experience, the only thing I did do differently was take a B6 vitamin pill. B6 is supposed to make dreams more vivid...and it was vivid alright. I am not sure about the "hovering" thing but the rest was very....interesting...even for a not so Lucid Dream. Was it the B6 or was it something else, Twilight love, gothic dreams?

AlteRed Doll WaRrior with Handmade HeAddrEss ShEilD by gothB4play
This little warrior sorceress is one of my finished pieces on my gothB4play shop.

Saturday, January 16

Betty Davis Eyes Doll

What was it that was so special about Betty Davis' eyes that made her an icon. It wasn't their actual beauty but the haunting mystery behind them that made them famous. This is a little altered porcelain or china (not sure which) doll which has been altered for ghoulish purposes. You can see more of her at my shop gothB4play.

Betty Davis Eyes Doll with Hand dyed One of a Kind by gothB4play

I don't know what it is about these little dolls, they just seem to call to me. Each one had a life before I found them, probably belonging to a little girl somewhere who grew up and tossed them away as they did other childish toys. Now they are ready to have some real fun, new lives, new looks, new makeup and new designer clothes by the Great Late "Vampsace".

Friday, January 15


Little dark one, she even has her own tattoos and her gown was designed by that one and only undead immortally young forever "Vampsace".

Gothic Twilight Love

Have a Twilight Love Party, start by turning off all the lights in your room, put a small violet or red light on one side of the room. You can use a flashlight with something red over it if you do not have a red light. On the other side of the room put the same only using a blue light. Get naked, give each person a camera (digital works best) and start taking pictures. You will be amazed at the outcome when you can't take time to focus or shoot straight because someone is trying to take pictures of you. If you both are shooting each others camera it doesn't work as well, so as your partner shoots your foot you shoot your partners ear. There may come a time when you stop taking pictures and that's O.K. It's the fun that is the reward and the pictures afterward.