Monday, May 31

Buy Erotic Now!

Buy Erotic Now!
Buy Erotic Now! by mystic2awesome

"Erotic" This is supposed to be the most viewed word in the U.S. of A, does that scare anyone but me? This beaded girl in the middle of all this is my newest reincarnated doll and I decided this time to leave her braided hair down. She has jingle bells in her hair that actually jingle, sounds like this are supposed to distract evil spirits and keep them from causing mayhem in your presence while you jingle the bells all around you. Keep her by your computer or desk to keep chaos from entering your space at home or at work. I made one for my personal use that I use to jingle at my computer when it slows down and if that doesn't work I throw socks at my computer, the smellier the better.

Tuesday, May 25

Twilight treasures

Twilight Tryst
Twilight Tryst by mystic2awesome

Twilight always inspires me to create and as a love story it is unique and out of the ordinary. I have always believed that it just takes that first look and your either hooked or not. If it grows your one of the lucky ones and the chemistry just keeps growing and if your not one of the lucky ones the relationship either blows up or fizzles out. I hope you enjoy the board and try kaboodle for loads of fun and friends.

Monday, May 24

Summer Colors

Lucid Dreams
Lucid Dreams by mystic2awesome

My favorite color combination is teal, blues and coppers. I love the way they compliment each other and add a touch of mystical elements to anything they are paired with. We are still waiting for summer to arrive it seems to be a little hesitant this year and nothing can hurry Mother Nature when she is in one of her moods. The suddenly we will explode straight into the throes of sudden heat waves not see for a hundred years or so. Enjoy the calm while you can and quit complaining.

Saturday, May 22

Tempting in teal

Enchanted... by mystic2awesome

Something to brighten your day or night with elegance and style. I am not sure I could wear something as bright, but I love the way this pops.

Makin' Money

Fantasy... by mystic2awesome

OK so someone finally hired me to work...Uncle Sam, counting peeps with the Census. I've been so busy that I know my creative side is starting to slide. I don't have time to create and so something is missing and I am half a person this week, so bear with. At least with Kaboodle I can show off some of my previously created reincarnates with style. Enjoy!!

Tuesday, May 11

Pretty Interesting

Fabulous Fabric...
Fabulous Fabric... by weirdoddities

This was an experiment using some of my photos of my creations as a back drop for some one else's fashions. It was fun, I have found another love in my never ending quest to find new homes for my little reincarnated treasures. I guess you'd call it computer graphics, maybe or a collage. But it is an interesting fun way to create. Pity me for being so brief with my blogs as of late I am working, and yes it is a real job. I am on the streets of your neighborhood knocking on door and killing trees with all my paperwork doing Census work. Can't tell you anymore because I took an oath. More later.

Wednesday, May 5

How do you like me now?

Pampered... by weirdoddities

A different way to advertise, dress up and play with my little dollies. Please bear with me I am working with Uncle Sam counting peeps for a few weeks and dodging muggers, territorial dogs and sidewalk cracks. It's taking it's toll on my blogging time. But remember, even though we are at our lowest in energy and we don't think that another drop can not be squeezed out Mother Nature will let a rainbow appear or make a funny cloud formation of Mickey Mouse to make us laugh and we realize that we can keep on trudging.