Saturday, February 20

Gargoyle Graphics

~Magickal Graphics~

I found an interesting list today while reading a book found at my favorite Thrift Museum. It had a list of plants that help hold down the pollution levels in your home adding to your health and energy, WoW! They are:
Bamboo or Areca palm, Boston Fern (or any fern), Chrysanthemum, Corn Plant (dracaena), any Ivy Plant, Gerbera daisy, Golden pothos, Peace Lily, Philodendron, Snake plant and Spider Plant.
A beautiful spider plant can to a degree rid your home of certain formaldehyde fumes from your new carpeting. I am very allergic to these fumes and they make me very sick. (wish I'd known this earlier) It seems that microorganisms living in potting soil use airborne toxins as a source of their food. The roots absorb the waste produced by those microorganisms and then release cleaner air into your home. Way to go plants. I am off to buy a lonely Spider Plant who doesn't mind living among my creative clutter.

Wednesday, February 17

Nighty Nite

Days of the Week Comments

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My great Grandmother used to say this poem to me before bedtime:

Nighty nite,
Sleep tight,
Don't let the big bed bugs bite.
If they do,
pick up a shoe,
And beat them till they are black and blue.

And this was supposed to make me sleep better? Well, no...I kept thinking there was this huge bug under my bed or in the closet just waiting for me to go to sleep. And guess who got beat black and blue for putting their shoes in bed with them? Maybe this was the beginning of my dark side, my imagination running away with me after I took some simple little statement the wrong way. What about "Keeping your eyes peeled" I still find a potato peeler a dark and evil tool. What sayings have you heard that tickle your dark side either in a good way or a bad way?

Tuesday, February 16


Egyptian Comments & Graphics

~Magickal Graphics~

What if? What if all was one and the same. What if? What if "belief" itself is the "power over all"? What if? What if "belief in good" is the same "belief" everywhere just in different languages and different forms. What if? What if "belief of the good in all" is like a human body. The brains "belief" is in intelligence, so the brain thinks it's "belief" is the only "belief". The arm's "belief" is in strength, the Leg's "belief" is in endurance to get us from one place to another. The heart's "belief" is in love and all things emotional, and the heart believes it's "belief" is the only righteous "belief". We all as a whole person knows that each "belief" is right for that part of the body, but we also all know that each is an important "belief" and each has the right to believe that their "belief" is the only "belief" that matters. But, you know that together they are one and as long as their "belief" is for the good of all it is the right belief. This is an opinion only, a moments thought and grain of sand upon life's beach.

Monday, February 15

Potions and Spells

What do you carry your potions, spells and such in, what do you do to aid cleansing, protecting and empowering your precious tools? This bag has been cleansed, protected and empowered using the power colors of black and red and is embellished with interesting recovered jewelry, feathers, fur and scents smudging for a great statement piece of usable, wearable art. You can include a talisman or power piece of your own to this bag easily making it your own personal power bag. I believe I created this piece specifically for one person out there who will recognize it immediately. What other items should I create that people will be able to use in their practices and ceremonies?
Potions and Spells Purse Bag for Witch or Sorcerer by gothB4play

Sunday, February 14

Blog Featuring my Gothicness

Gothic Comments

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Boutiqueaholic: Black and Silver Featuring Etsians
What a wonderful way to start a rainy Sunday morning. I received a note telling me that my "Gothic Bride and Groom" was featured at Boutiqueaholic's blogspot along with some other very talented artistic crafters and I am honored. If you have a chance drop by her blog and visit, browse and chat a little and I guarantee you will enjoy the trip. My "Gothic Bride and Groom" cake topper was such a fun item to alter and reincarnate into what you see now. I checked some of the neighboring bridal shops and could not find anyone who even wanted to talk about a Bride in Gothic Black so I decided to create my own. I found that I like designing interesting and unique gowns, especially when they are so small. I gave the gown a designer name out of honor for that designer who is gone from this world to the next. "Vampsace" sounds like you know who, but one who will remain immortal in all minds one way or another.

Saturday, February 13

Mermaid Dreams

Mermaid Comments & Graphics

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Do you ever have those dreams where you wake up and realize you are living under water and you have no problem breathing. Some would say that this is a memory of being in your Mother's womb, where you spent maybe a whole nine months or maybe not and you were comforted and felt safe. I am not a believer of this thought because I don't think I would see a sandy bottom or seaweed in the womb and I clearly remember swimming in a way that would be impossible in the womb. Well, that could be debunked by saying my memory was when I was a very small fetus and the womb seemed enormous with funny sand like bottom and seaweed type of things floating in there with me. I like to think that this dream is of my past life as a Mermaid, and if I am lucky enough to make this dream a "Lucid Dream" (look this phrase up it's important) I usually spend my time exploring the environment. You could in a Lucid Dream find a dream person and actually ask them questions like "why am I here", "why are you here", and any other question you might want to ask. Me? I just spend my time exploring what I can do and what is around me in the dream, I'm not one to ask a lot of questions. What would you like to control in your dreams?

Thursday, February 11


Fairy Comments & Graphics

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"Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world." great words by the great mind of Albert Einstein, and I thought he was all about the brain cells. But of course we need both to be balanced, we need both for our yin and yang and both but not in equal quantities because that is what makes us unique.

Wednesday, February 10

Ghostly Intervention

Ghost & Graveyard Graphics

~Magickal Graphics~
I told my husband last night that I want to "Go" first...because I want some peace and quiet when I get up there. You see he's the talker in the house and I am the lurker or the quiet one, if you will. But before I go "there" I think I am going to hang around awhile and be a ghost. Not one of those scary ones I want to be like this one, quietly roaming around a castle or a really nice Malibu home in the hills. I won't terrorize the family at all, I'll be there to find their keys when they misplace them and put them back on the table they just finished looking at and could swear that they were not there a minute ago. Wait, that happens to me all the time...I have a ghost! There are ghosts out there that do help others, they just don't get as much publicity as the scarier ghosts do, but they are out there. If you did come back as a ghost what kind would you be and what would the first thing that you would do in your newly renovated ghost attire be?

Tuesday, February 9


Dark Thank You Comments

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A big Thank You to "Inspirational Beading Blogspot for featuring one of my Vampire Energy Vessels at their beautiful and inspiring blog. I am honored and grateful to be grouped with such awe inspiring Craft Artists. You MUST visit her blog, they have an exciting upbeat blogalishous bunch over there.

Energy Matters

Greenman Comments & Graphics=

~Magickal Graphics~

What better way to conjure up some much needed energy than a spark of ginger, a Chinese medicine added to your drink or your bath water of alternating warm water and cool shower on your arms and legs after. The coolness of the water just on the legs and arms forces the blood back to the heart giving you the much needed boost for a stimulating energy boost rather than shocking your body. The ginger is good for aches and pains or colds and flu (also for the morning after hangover blues). I keep a bottle of water in the fridge with chopped up pieces of ginger in it and as I use up the ginger water I just fill it with more water and the next time I need ginger water there it is. One piece of ginger will continue to make ginger water for a long period of time if refrigerated properly, and can also be added to your favorite beverage. Share your special elixirs or potions that you use for that much needed energy boost with us in the comment section here today!

Monday, February 8

The other side

Goblin Graphics

Magickal Graphics

How many faces do you have hidden in that secret dark part of your mind that no one can see? They are there for you and come forth when needed to take control of any situation that you may face. Keep them safe, keep them to yourself only allowing a peek to those most deserving of your presence. Who are you when no one else is around, who are you in your mind, who are you when you look into the mirror and who are you when others look and only see the surface. You are many shades, many hues, many textures, many strengths and many weaknesses and each is an important part of you. Embrace YOU!

Sunday, February 7

Anti Anxiety Imagery

Goddess Comments & Graphics

Magickal Graphics~
Focusing on images of moving water or images distorted by moving water can be very calming for those who suffer from types of anxiety. This image I found to be very calming and interesting to watch without having to go out and actually find "moving water". I believe that since we are all before birth surrounded by water in a safe environment that looking at images of water or images that remind us of water movement has a calming effect on our souls and spirits. This is one image I can go back and look at time after time and get a quick anti-anxiety fix. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have this morning as I prepare to go out (with my slightly social phobia self) to a Super Bowl Party at a relatives home where I am required to be "social".

Saturday, February 6

The Lucidity Institute

No dolls were actually hurt during this creative experience because the first pin was placed in a spot that intercepts the pain centers. If I happened to miss the spot he never screamed not even once. I had so much fun creating this one that I have since gone on to other darklings or fuzzy graylings as some would call them. When he does find a home and chooses to leave me I will truly miss him. He was one of the first darklings created from a Lucid Dream experience where I realized I was dreaming and opened a door at will that was the entrance to my dream workshop and started creating.

Lucid Dreaming Frequently Asked Questions Answered by The Lucidity Institute

Friday, February 5

Gothic Black Weekend

Friendship Comments & Graphics

~Magickal Graphics~

Welcome to the beginning of The Weekend of what else but Superbowl. I am not a really big fan of sports, in school I knew just how many days in gym class that I could ditch, not suit up or play sick and still get a passing grade. I have a 4 inch scar on the top of my head and a smaller on on the inside of my left index finger from 7th grade gym class (one of the days I was sitting out having selectively forgotten my gym wear). If I can get hurt like that sitting out, I imagine I wouldn't have made it out of school alive if I had participated. I have been diagnosed with a type of dyslexia, I have no depth perception and my direction finder has always been screwed up so I had no chance in a gym class. That being said I will be attending a Super Bowl party...because hey, it's a party! I don't know who is playing, even though my husband explained it to me twice, My brain just can't retain sports facts. Thanks for stopping by and have a safe and fun weekend.

Gothic Black Bracelet Cuff for a Vampire Weekend by gothB4play

Thursday, February 4

Enter The Man-Cave

Werewolf Comments & Graphics

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If you haven't checked out "The Man-Cave" you gotta go by and check it out. Yes, they have great contests going, Yes, they have guy speak fun stuff and Yes, I won a contest there so anyone can do it! If you want news in an upbeat way without the muss and fuss you'll fine lots to talk about there. And again, Thanks Man-Cave Geof!
Enter The Man-Cave: Enter The Caption 12/8/09

SmOKy HeArt

New Moon Graphics & Comments

Magickal Graphics

Before there was time there was The One and The One was all and all was The One. Solitude is not a way to live so others were created. When there are Two then there can be love.
O.K....O.K. I was on a roll with this theme this morning and my hubby dumped all the tax info on the desk and I far, far away! When he is doing the taxes (himself ) you do not want to be on the same block as he yes I ran. I ran right out to my favorite Thrift Museum where I feel safe. Yes I am a weakling and yes I fear the Tax Gods every year when he makes my usually sweet hubby a real bear. If you never hear from me again...well, you know...start digging in my back yard.

SmOKy HeArt Hematite PenDant with Handmade by gothB4play on Etsy

Wednesday, February 3

Valentine Choker

Friendship Comments & Graphics

~Magickal Graphics~

Reincarnation is one of the most controversial blog topics especially in this age of new awareness of past and future lives and loves. So why could you not conceive that inanimate objects also have a soul of sorts and that these also lived past lives and then move on to new lives. My most favored thing is to take items and reincarnate them into something new and different than what they were originally intended for. One small life scene is not enough to reach the ultimate goal of being loved by everyone and loving everyone as well, so one we go to one life scene after another over and over learning many important lessons as we go. Even my dark side consciousness is seeking to send out Love this close to Valentines Day.
Choker for a Vampire Weekend of Twilight Moon by gothB4play

Tuesday, February 2

Blood Red Tears Necklace

Vampire Comments

~Magickal Graphics~

I morn, I weep for a lover gone a long twilight ago, never seen again by daylight I hide here in the dark. My tears have turned blood red, cold as ice as hard as glass. Let me feel the scented mist of a favorite perfume on my neck, the breath of my lover on my brow, a wet tear on my cheek once again.

This was inspired by the a necklace I made from blood red glass teardrops and I have for sale at my mystic2awesome shop which I will eventually switch over to my gothB4play shop at etsy.

Those with a darker side might choose to wear Blood Red Tears Necklace to a secret tryst, midnight walk through the graveyard, or Goth party but beware of those drawn to blood red tears.

Monday, February 1

Workplace Hell

Mummies Graphics

Magickal Graphics

I saw this photo at "Magickal Graphics" and fell in love with it, It made me laugh this morning while I was reading about fluorescent bulbs and how they make you fatiqued in the workplace.
The reason fluorescent bulbs give people headaches and make the eyes tired is because they flicker up to 60 times per second. This flickering is not noticeable by the naked eye, but it does cause intense tiring of the brain. If you work in an office space with a fluorescent bulb keep a lamp nearby with a standard incandescence bulb to help blend out the flickering. Or better yet, just shut off the overhead fluorescent bulbs and bring your own lighting.