Friday, May 11

Glass Skull

There is an old medieval legend of the dance of the skelletons in which twelve strokes of the harp announce midnight and this is when the Devil tunes his fiddle.  The dance begins with the rattling of bones and before dawn approaches the dancers must return to resting place.  This glass skull, which is available for sale in my gothB4play shop, has dangles on the sides which replicate the "rattling od bones" and was inspired by the poem "Dance Macabre" by Henri Cazalis 1840-1909.

Thursday, May 3


I just cannot for the life of me photograph anything using only white backgrounds.  I start out with honest ententions but then the color addictions overtake my brain and the search is on for that fabric of color and I'm off the wagon again.  In photographing a doll I went from first white then draped a bit of darker blue hues and a sheer color over it all.  Even photographing the framed print I had to go overboard on the color.

Tuesday, May 1

Emerald Sanity

Sometimes green is just green!  I've been playing with my macro setting again (note to self...clean the glass first!)  Not being a slave of time and schedules I find that I enjoy time much more than before when deadlines and office cubicles were my domain.