Tuesday, June 26

The sky is NOT falling!

 Half through the Doomsday year and the weather IS acting a tad weird. It's still raining and cool here in Oregon and I'm not complaing at all. It's not hot enough for airconditioning and not cool enough for the heater so I'm feeling lucky. If the world is coming to an end though I guess I'd better start maxing out those credit cards.

Saturday, June 2

Chicken Head Spirit Jar

O.K. I've got this clear glass chicken head.... what do I do with it?  I added purple and aqua tint mixed with diamond point glitter and clear resin. Then set about finding a jar or bottle that would hold the head up.  I put magenta tint and clear resin with some silver paint in the jar and let it dry then added some gemstones, shells and beads.  A few protective incantations and a circle of rhinestones and the Chicken Head Spirit Jar is ready for a new home to protect!