Saturday, September 24

Cyber Cat and Friend

This little Cyber Cat with a human head and cat body with tiny copper wires and tattered black fabric head hair loves her new reincarnated look!

Monday, September 5


I'm always looking for something new to try and this little box was found unfinished but with a blemish or two at one of my favorite Thrift Museums. I had aquired a bunch of old stamps a while back and knew as always happens that something would show itself needing a few old stamps and here was this little wooden box. I left the picture frame at the bottom loose so if you want you can insert your own vintage photo into it. The colors used for the box itself is my own secret combination technique of hand dying wood to give it a matte "old worn" look. As always, because I don't know the past life or experiences the materials have been subjected to, all materials are cleansed of any and all negative energies and incantations are enabled to insure a positive flow of energy radiating from the piece.