Thursday, December 15

Eye Robot

If I can plant one little seed of love,
That later on will blossum in a smile,
It matters not however else I fail;
My life will be worth while.
If I can do some little kindly act,
That may later soothe some sad heart's pain,
It matters not what else I do.
My life will not have been in vain. ~author unknown~

Friday, December 9


A Musical Doll in a steampunk style with a leather top hat and hand sculpted
head and hands. Spooky Doll. Assemblage Doll. As I strolled the isles of my
favorite Thrift Museum a small little once loved Christmas ornament caught my
eye and all was damaged except for the head and arms and that is what I started
this piece with. This is usually how my items begin, with a once loved item
longing to be loved just one more time.