Sunday, January 22

Art Doll Commissioned Piece

This little Nymph Doll in green is a commissioned piece just finished this month and ready to go. She's got her hair braided and twined with copper beaded wire, tattered fabric costume and a jewel encrusted pedistal.

Tuesday, January 17

Cyber Steampunk Kneeling Girl

She's magical and musical and you can reposition her wire wrapped, beaded braids to your heart's content. She is kneeling upon a platform with a wind up key on the bottom. For more views you can see her at my Etsy shop just click the link.

Thursday, January 12

My Heart

Created using a Vintage red glass Avon bottle, recycled jewelry and belt pieces and just in time for Valentine's Day a Love Spell jar just for you to attract the perfect love!

Wednesday, January 4

Doomsday Basket Case

Are you a Doomsday Basket Case? As if we don't have enough worries as it is, now we have to worry about the Doomsday predictions! In this piece, which is 99% recycled materials, I have combined futuristic cyber robotics, a basket of gold colored metal, a solid silvered insect and other odds and ends. This little Basket Case girl has lost her marbles and her world is topsy turvey as mine is at times and she is waiting for that special someone.