Wednesday, April 28

Southwest Souls

Southwestern... by weirdoddities

Southwest colors such as turquoise, blue, silver, bronze and amber have always had a special place in my heart paired of course with a good (or bad) dose of black. This beaded necklace lariat was hand strung into an extra long length which can be also used as a belt. The story behind the piece is that the beads themselves chose to be together. I put a lot of beads together and then I poured out a number of them thinking that whatever those were would be the only type of beads I would use. So putting one of each kind in an old bottle and then taking those that poured out first to design the necklace. I had red beads in the bottle and bright yellow, but none of these poured out. Fate decided the design.

Saturday, April 24

Oddities Unite

No Dolls were...
No Dolls were... by weirdoddities

What kind of oddity should I try to try to create this time? Sometimes things just don't go as planned and I end up with a stranger item than I expected and sometimes they end up just a little mellow. I go for dark and all I get is a fuzzy gray dark. If you get the chance check out kaboodle just for fun.

Wednesday, April 21

Goth Get Together

My little Hell Boy and his Mermaid friend said Goodbye to one friend this week who went on to a new journey in England, wish I could have gone along for the ride. How fun is that! I never know where they will journey to, it depends on who adopts them. And to think a couple of months ago they were plain naked little dollies in a bin for sale at my favorite Thrift Museum. And now they are something Special to someone new in a faraway place on a new adventure.

Sunday, April 18

Zombie Bunny Page

Zombie Bunny Page

So sorry this is a little late for Easter, but I just had to share. Take a look if you get a chance it is well worth the dance!

Wednesday, April 14

Creative Mom

As I gather odds and ends while shopping at my favorite Thrift Museum I never really know what they will become, but I know in time they will inspire me to reincarnate them. It's a really good thing that my children are old enough to know that you can't eat beads. My husband complains that there is no "flat surface" in our home that is safe from my crafting, usually because I have more than one project going at a time.

Colors always have special energies for me and sometimes I like to place the objects I am creating on colored surfaces. I always cleanse my materials first using sage smudging, crystals, rainbow prisms and dewdrops (which have sea water in them) in which I have placed gemstones, spices and crystals. This helps reduce any negative energies in the recycled and found materials that I use or buy. I only work on my treasures with positive energy and if feeling down I usually spend that time reading, researching or hiking depending on the weather.

Do you have special rituals that you use when creating or to help inspire you to create?

Saturday, April 10

Say Goodbye

Saying goodbye to someone who is off to a new adventurous life, somewhat different from the life before. Someone once said it was like a ship sailing off toward the horizon and we are sad to see it go as it gets smaller and smaller. There is someone on the other side who is smiling and happy and saying "Here she/he comes" as the ship gets closer and closer.

This little one has been adopted and is now living a new life in Las Vegas, Nevada. I will truly miss this little warrior, I am glad I kept his picture.

Wednesday, April 7

Lady Gaga

This is my Little Lady Gaga and yes, that is a Pet Rat wearing crystal bead piercings and silvered jewelry wear. Now that we know we are not hallucinating and not in the throes of a Lucid Dream it seems this little doll just evolved over a few weeks. I started out just fussing with her over done, over bleached and over combed hair and couldn't get it to look decent. If you add a little glitter and silver hair gel who's to know what's decent and what's not. Then I sat her aside for a while until I found a broken glass icicle and I knew it was perfect for her staff and then the little rat came along and wasn't white or even silver but we let him join the gang anyway. She was just too much fun to play with and I will be sad to see her go to some far away place when she is adopted.

Sunday, April 4

Down the Rabbit Whole?

Dark & Gothic Easter Comments

~Magickal Graphics~

Why is it I always had the ugliest eggs imaginable because I could never settle for just one color. I saw them not as ugly but as unique, one of a kind and creatively dark. The Volcano Egg, the Southwestern Tornado Egg or the Barf Egg were not always kindly accepted by my peers. The Camouflage Egg was too hard to find and the Dog Turd Egg was always left to rot away, no
w way was that one going in anyone's basket. What are some of the fun eggs you've done for Easter Fun.