Monday, May 31

Buy Erotic Now!

Buy Erotic Now!
Buy Erotic Now! by mystic2awesome

"Erotic" This is supposed to be the most viewed word in the U.S. of A, does that scare anyone but me? This beaded girl in the middle of all this is my newest reincarnated doll and I decided this time to leave her braided hair down. She has jingle bells in her hair that actually jingle, sounds like this are supposed to distract evil spirits and keep them from causing mayhem in your presence while you jingle the bells all around you. Keep her by your computer or desk to keep chaos from entering your space at home or at work. I made one for my personal use that I use to jingle at my computer when it slows down and if that doesn't work I throw socks at my computer, the smellier the better.

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