Sunday, February 16

Doll Art at gothb4play at Etsy

Hanging Art Doll by gothb4play using recycled and repurposed once loved items with an unknown past now reincarnated and waiting to be loved once again. This dark darling hanging sculpture started out with a beautiful hard resin elegant Ladies face. There is a silver tone colored chain to hang her up by.

The gothic lady has a distressed silvered metal repurposed jewelry headdress and a silver colored bead chain necklace. She could be Cleopatra, a High Priestess, Witchey Woman or whatever you desire.

The Dark Dancer Art Doll assemblage is attached permanently to a the hanging chain (9 inches long). There is repurposed metal belt piece in a distressed brass metal with an "X" of rhinestones(one was missing and has been replaced with gold glitter).

The front has the face, a distressed decorative metal recycled belt piece, a tattered black lace fabric on her bodice, black eyelash ribbon, repurposed jewelry chains, buttons and a dangle with two vintage silver tones metal open flowers and a distressed brass colored jingle bell.

The back has 2 rounded ornate metal jewelry pieces. All items have been cleansed of any lingering negative energies and enhanced with positive blessings.
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