Tuesday, June 22

Kit-n-Kaboodle Challenge #3 Styleboard at Kaboodle

Kit-n-Kaboodle Challenge #3 Styleboard at Kaboodle
O.K. Here I go, I am going to try to put this sweet little board on my blog. I was so delighted to learn that one of my little treasures had been featured. This little beaded doll works great as an avatar. Take your own photos and your good to go. Change up your avatars depending on the season by dressing her up with a Santa Hat or Halloween hat, keep her on your desk to ward off those energy vampires who chew up all your positive energy and spit out their negative energy.

Well, I tried anyway! The picture of the Kaboodle Challenge board didn't pop up only the link, so just click on the link and it will take you into a wonderful world of Kaboodle fun! I am having a great start on this fine Monday morning. I'm on a kaboodle board, I got featured on Regretsy which got me lots of notice and I have an actual job interview today!

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