Sunday, August 1

Reinvented handmade

Handmade... by mystic2awesome

I have been having a ton of fun recycling lately, I've been looking through all my perfumes, spray toiletries, bottles and jars. My choices are from 3 inches tall to about 5 inches because they will fit almost anywhere.

I embellish them with a colorful bottom which is an interesting art work itself of swirling silvers or golds then I add some beads, glass chips or polished rocks. I finish off the bottom with some colored ink which being water on enamel adds an interesting touch of color blast among the metallic swirls . When the inside dries I add wooden beads which have been aged for four years in dragons blood, herbs and scents for their protective elements. I have also added polished rocks, various gemstone chips, beads, shells and colors which reflect power to the inside of the jar.

A few incantations are added, just the right amount of dewdrops are added and just the right amount of moonlight to make sure the items and the jar is attractive to wayward fairies and spirits who, with nothing else to do like to play pranks such as hiding your car keys from you.
These jars are especially made to attract these little pranksters and give them a nice little place to play and distract them from playing their little tricks on humans. The jars are sealed shut (only fairies and spirits can enter them) using a decorative top of recycled jewelry pieces, buttons, chains, brooch pieces, and other odds and ends. The jars turn out beautiful and small enough to place anywhere, even in your car or your office space if you so wish (pranksters are everywhere you know). No fairies or spirits are harmed by these jars, they are just given a fun and entertaining place to play and they have so much fun they forget about playing their little tricks on humans.

Of course these jars are for adult entertainment only, and the maker is not responsible for any incidents regarding the breaking of said jar or bottle nor the escaping pranksters.

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