Monday, November 29

2011 Predictions

My predictions for 2011 as seen from a Lucid Dream where I asked a dream character to show me a few outstanding events that would shape the New Year of 2011. He quietly unrolled a length of yellowed paper and I remember reading poetry. Some of what is written here is not quite right but as close as I could remember it. I write my dreams down in the dark after reviewing them in my mind at night. Sometimes it's hard to read what I write because I write over my own writing in the dark.

The first was a wet windblown town,
littered glass and gas in rainbow streaks.
I feared my breath in dark oily smoke,
Evil dark clouds over this towns peaks.

Next a far flung star ignites in orange,
A beautiful photo causing such alarm.
Never touching lush and green,
This beauteous sight will bring no harm.

Mothers and daughters given grave news,
The children dwindle this year alone,
Economy born of an old baby boom
Causing some tears and others to moan.

This was the as close as I could get. I knew it rhymed but some lines were lost so I tried to make it make sense as it made sense to me at the time. You have to take it with a grain of salt, because if ten people read the same piece of poetry once they just might remember it ten different ways depending on what was seen as important to each one. The last line may have been "cry and moan" I keep going back and forth on that. I only read the first three and then woke up, wishing I had a photographic memory. Maybe I can remember more or something different in another dream. This was only about the fifth time I have been able to get some kind of information from a dream character. Usually when I ask questions they just want me to follow them to where ever they are going.

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