Wednesday, November 10

lucid Dream in Colors

Do you dream in color, do you have the ability to "edit" your dreams? If not you are missing out on one third of your life experiences. Some people swear that they don't dream at all or dream only once in a while.

The truth is that you dream several times a night and if you were not allowed to dream you would suffer psychotic episodes and hallucinations. Dreaming is as important to your mind as feeding and hydrating is to your body.

Studies have found that when you keep a journal of your dreams you will start to remember more of your dreams. Dreams are forgotten because they are stored in a part of your brain used for short term memory. Sometimes, just the act of moving a finger when you wake will cause you to lose that short term memory almost immediately. The trick is to try and recall your dream before you move a finger, go over it in your mind from start to ending Then record the memory in some way, by paper or voice recording. That's when the real fun begins and you can then learn Lucid Dreaming techniques and the " edit button".

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