Wednesday, April 7

Lady Gaga

This is my Little Lady Gaga and yes, that is a Pet Rat wearing crystal bead piercings and silvered jewelry wear. Now that we know we are not hallucinating and not in the throes of a Lucid Dream it seems this little doll just evolved over a few weeks. I started out just fussing with her over done, over bleached and over combed hair and couldn't get it to look decent. If you add a little glitter and silver hair gel who's to know what's decent and what's not. Then I sat her aside for a while until I found a broken glass icicle and I knew it was perfect for her staff and then the little rat came along and wasn't white or even silver but we let him join the gang anyway. She was just too much fun to play with and I will be sad to see her go to some far away place when she is adopted.

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