Wednesday, April 14

Creative Mom

As I gather odds and ends while shopping at my favorite Thrift Museum I never really know what they will become, but I know in time they will inspire me to reincarnate them. It's a really good thing that my children are old enough to know that you can't eat beads. My husband complains that there is no "flat surface" in our home that is safe from my crafting, usually because I have more than one project going at a time.

Colors always have special energies for me and sometimes I like to place the objects I am creating on colored surfaces. I always cleanse my materials first using sage smudging, crystals, rainbow prisms and dewdrops (which have sea water in them) in which I have placed gemstones, spices and crystals. This helps reduce any negative energies in the recycled and found materials that I use or buy. I only work on my treasures with positive energy and if feeling down I usually spend that time reading, researching or hiking depending on the weather.

Do you have special rituals that you use when creating or to help inspire you to create?

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