Sunday, October 17

Winter Sun

Sun Catchers
Sun Catchers by mystic2awesome

The best window to put your Sun Catcher(s) in is the South window to catch the most sun and reflect the prettiest of reflective rays into your home and on your walls. I have lots, way too many to count because the ones I have hanging always end up with baby Sun Catchers, crystals, lead crystal balls, colored glass chandelier pieces and yes even pieces of CD's hanging out there on the South side of my home and windows.

The neighbors get to share in the morning kaleidoscope of flashing light and colors and none have complained. Except a couple of cats that run themselves crazy chasing the light beams around the yard. They bounce off my living room walls and my kitchen and where I have strategically place mirrors on my walls they bounce once again. Some of the lights and rainbows bounce all the way into one bathroom and bedroom at the far end of the house.

The photo above is of one of my newly made Sun Catchers, a Spirit Jar that also looks great with sun shining through it and a Vampire vessel of frosted glass that shows lovely colored glass inside when the sun hits on it.

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