Sunday, October 3

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Who would have thought that copper, earth and seeds could be enchanted to build your business success! I just found this book at my favorite Thrift Museum called "Everyday Magic" by Dorothy Morrison and found a spell I am going to try. I had tried one once before using a piece of silver, but I may not have followed the directions properly. I do have a problem in that area, being a little dyslexic and a scatter brain, following directions is not my forte, even when I try my best I still screw something up. The spell is called the Basil Spell and all you need are a flower pot, basil seeds, soil, water and nine pennies. I'm poor but I think I can manage the ingredients, thank you very much Dorothy for allowing poor people to try their hand at casting spells to help make them less poor. If you get a chance and can find a copy or google it and buy one it is well worth the price, it is chock full of spells and charms that even a novice like me can follow.

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