Monday, September 6

Alice in Dreamland

Alice's Wonder...
Alice's Wonder... by mystic2awesome

Alice has been Lucid Dreaming again and playing with that little "Drink Me!" bottle with the Morning Glory seed Koolade and she and her new friends don't know if they will grow or shrink. Usually it's the problems that grow and the opportunities that shrink, but each has to learn at their own pace.

Halloween is almost upon us and I have already started decorating, I have a spider wreath at my front door and two glow in the dark skeletons ready to take up residency in the back yard which overlooks a golf course. I am trying to figure out how to put a golf club into their hands and golf hats on their scrawny bony heads. They are a cute couple and should have a great time out in the back yard visiting with all the other scrawny bony golfers. Happy Halloween decorating to all and if you don't already know there are a few of us who live Halloween all year long.
I celebrate:
Happy Halloween New Year in January.
Bloody Valentines Day in February.
March is a hunt for that animal who wants to see his shadow once too with his head!
April is the celebration of "All Hallows Dead Egg Hunt".
May showers bring out all the Serial Oregon at least.
June we usually celebrate a wedding of an Undead Couple, till death do they part.
Happy Deadly 4th of July, and blow something up.
August is a Fall Hotter than Hell Festival with warm beer and some excellent salmonella potato salad.
September all the little Creepy short folks are going back to school, everyone celebrates except for the kids and teachers.
October of course is the Official celebratory month.
November we sometimes elect a new monster for presidency every four years and the years in between we try to find a way to cut his head off. (NSA alert, just kidding!!!!)
December is now the Nightmare before, during and after Christmas.
How do you celebrate your Halloween all year around?

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