Tuesday, September 28

Cool Halloween
Cool Halloween by mystic2awesome

Halloween is something I am not allergic to, mostly anyway as long as my costume is not made of wool and I don't put feathers into my head gear. I am not allergic to chocolate, candy, rubber masks, face paint or glitter but if I decided to go as a Zombie I do have to stay away from the Formaldehyde. (I have chosen to be cremated because of that particular allergy when I leave this particular life journey) I am not allergic to bats but mosquitoes and hornets are another story. There is something outside today that I am allergic to and I can already tell it's going to be one of those days but if I stay inside I have dust mites that will get me, sometimes you just can't win.

The kaboodle board here today has some of my handmades plus a few items from fellow Etsy artist that I fell in love with.

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