Friday, September 17

I wanna be a Cyborg

I have decided to be a Cyborg. Since the Doctor thinks I need a knee replacement I may as well go all the way or not at all. I will replace the knees so I can go hiking again, because that was the only way I ever loved to exercise. I might as well replace these fingers too because my Mother has had Arthritic fingers and hands for years and I am headed that way. Can I get one finger replaced with a thread seam ripper please and while your at it I may as well be know as "Emme Scissorhands" too. Instead of botox just give me a nice shiny metal dome that will never show a wrinkled brow and metallic permanently curled locks in a nice shade of silver slate. I may need to have my feet replaced with roller blades so I can really move around fast. Do you have a cell phone-Ipod-dvd- alarm clock with a timer that you could possibly insert behind one ear and I'll be good to go!

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