Thursday, September 9

The Spirit Keeper

This tiny Spirit Jar comes with it's own Spirit Jar Protector, the Spirit Keeper and she will protect the jar of spirits with her mystical talismans braided into her hair with tiny delicate copper wire. She used to be a Native Indian Doll of some type but at some time may have been abused because she wasn't in the best of shape. She has a bisque or maybe porcelain head and hands (how do you tell actually) and a fabric cloth body. She had to have a new fabric pancho designer top of tiny golden wire in swirls shaped like "8's" and lots of beads. Her pants are now painted on (because I am terrible at sewing) and her Moroccans have been repainted and beaded. She sits on a throne of medium sized sea shells of some type and has a silvered metal fish on a chain at her side, recycled from a belt which no longer fits my waist that I've had for a while.

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  1. You make some really super cool stuff! I am so happy that you found me so that I could find you!!


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