Wednesday, September 22

Bad Dream

There is a cure for bad dreams without drugs, no more more nightponies (which are not quite nightmares, but more of an annoying dream). I have a recurring dream of being on my way somewhere, sometimes to work and sometimes walking home but always walking and always I get lost. I walk and walk, run and run and the further I go the farther away my destination seems. I wake up exhausted from all the walking and running and my legs seem to actually be worn out.

With the knowledge of Lucid Dreaming those kind of dreams are now more often than not a chance at a trip to Las Vegas, or a resort or a water park somewhere. With Lucid Dreaming techniques I now can
realize that I am dreaming. Once I realize that I am dreaming I can edit my dream and see before me a different destination, suddenly I find myself in Las Vegas and I don't care if I am lost because there are so many things to see and do. If you get the chance google "Lucid Dreaming" it's the cheapest drug free trip you'll ever take. And as an added bonus I always wake up refreshed and with a lot of fun memories of the trip. Also if you get the chance I was just featured on a treasury at Etsy, a spooky Halloween page, please take a peek!

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