Saturday, March 6

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~Magickal Graphics~

Wishing all those Blogirthday Peeps out there a "Happy, Happy Birthday Baby" and wishing you many, many more. I saw this picture at Magical Graphics and just had to figure out a way to use it. I spent yesterday my "Thank God it's Fun Friday" doing something not so fun. My hubby and I have taken over the chore of doing the yard work for our Favorite Uncle here in Salem (he's 80 something) and I am sore in places I didn't know could get sore! So, I am moving a little slower today, but it was wonderful working in the soil and seeing all the flowers coming up in his gardens around his home. I brought three of his bird houses home with me so I could clean, sand, repair and paint them. Lucky Birds!


  1. Great pic! Had a touch of that discovering new muscles thing when I last shoveled - worth it though, when you know you're helping out. I'm so excited about gardening again! Just discovered I didn't kill my black calla lily & purple oxalis over the winter, so I'm thrilled! It was my first experience w/ bulbs. Have fun working on the birdhouses! I thought I might tackle a bat house this year... :)

  2. Thanks Kim for the comment. A bat house sounds like a fun thing to make. Bats are supposed to keep mosquitoes away or something aren't they or am I thinking of something else. Mosquitoes love my blood, they will fly a good hundred miles to get in line for my Emme Buffet. Enjoy your garden!


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