Thursday, March 11

Lucid Dream Subliminal

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Lucid Dreaming is one of my favorite activities while sleeping. I only have a few each month, but each is well worth the practice techniques. I have a habit of going to Las Vegas in my Lucid Dreams because I lived there for several years before moving to the small town of Salem. It is a definitely a plus if you find that there is a big python chasing you, all you have to do is hit your "edit button" and change him into Rob P. or Brad Pitt. The link below is to a great research site which has a free "Subliminal Video" to help you Lucid Dream.

Some of my Lucid Dreams that I have I will share with you but when Rob P. or Brad are involved are rated X, so sorry If I can't share. Sometimes I do other things I know I can't do in real life like changing a rainy day into a sunny one, flying or creating new things in my Lucid Dream workshop which I then use as creative inspiration for a new item in my shop. I hope you have a chance to visit the site and a chance to read a little about this fun activity.


  1. What a gorgeous image! And I'll definitely give that lucid dreaming site a visit. I dreamt about flying a lot when I was younger, which was pretty awesome, but never any lucid dreams. Although in the dreams I was very focused on my intent, which was more like hovering I guess & for some reason always occured just over my living room floor...?! Dreams are fascinating, and I can really see the value in learning conscious dreaming techniques. Thanks for the link! Hope you're doing well. :)

  2. Thanks Kim for the kind comments, flying in dreams is such fun, but I never fly very high LOL. Enjoy your day.


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