Monday, March 22

Mystics Keeper

Every wise Witch with wondrous Wands who wish to wear whimsical wardrobe Wearable Art will want one! Your very own unique one of a kind Mystics Keeper Bag Tote with beautiful designs in bright colors, beads and favored cats with a sprinkling of hematite colored beads forming spring like flowers and leaves to keep your treasured mystical spell potions, scents, smudge brush, Wand and any other precious tools you carry with you. You can add your favorite talisman, fetish or decoration to add to the protective powers of this Mystics Keeper Bag. For more views check my gallery:

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  1. Hey Emme! Awesome alliteration & I love the tote! I'm passing along the Circle of Friends Award to you if you'd like to participate.
    Hope you have a nice day. :)


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