Sunday, March 7

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I thought that if I "showed some love" toward my computer it would be in a better mood. It has been having some difficulties lately, poor thing. It's getting slower, gets stuck while loading something, barfs out "unresponsive script" and "low virtual memory" messages.

I have dusted the darn thing, put a just touch of furniture polish on it's plastic hide, unwound it's cords, in case they were strangling the poor creature and set a piece of amethyst, a small piece of amber and a crystal upon it's dark tower. Nothing seems to help, not the great mystical McAfee, nor the Sorcerer Sir Norton know why my little computer friend is showing signs of dementia. Sure she's a little old, but she has always had a great heart and a wonderful soul. Maybe she's just too old to learn the new tricks of the yellow brick blogroad and the language found sometimes makes her blush or just plain ol' does not make sense to her.

If you have some kind of "computer mind meld" you can work, or a spell that might liven up her old spirit I would love it if you could send it to my computer friend here. Thank you kindly!

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  1. Aw, sending happy healthy computer energy from my new one to yours. Maybe a comment will transfer some renewed vitality to her. :)


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