Sunday, March 28

Reincarnating Accessories

I just love reincarnating Bags that are statement pieces for going out to a special Twilight Tryst. A plain black bag or clutch purse becomes that Crazy Club Clutch that holds your lip gloss, cell phone and I.D. (If you are over 21 that is) Vintage fabrics, buttons and beads are my favorite materials. Unfortunately some of my best finds are from the Great Thrift Museums so I am unable to know for sure that they are Vintage but all have lived past lives of exciting parties and were someone's precious possessions.

I personally intend to first come back as a ghost and linger around the living for a while before I am reincarnated. I also am hoping that when I am reincarnated someone will add a few embellishments, a few extra things to add to the sparkle I hope to have. In this life I have poor vision so maybe someone will sew on eyes that work next time too. And God if you are listening I am not complaining about what I have, I am just hoping for a few extras.


  1. What a fun blog to visit - beautiful mixed art and interesting posts! I really love that bib necklace you salvaged from a bargain dress- fantastic! Thanks for your great comment on my blog and yes I wrote the poem- sometimes the 'word muse' hits me too!

  2. Thank you so very much for the visit Lori and your kind words. I loved visiting your site and I had a hunch you were the poet of that touching piece.


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