Saturday, March 13

Recycled items need love too

I saved this bib piece from an evening gown discovered at one of my favorite Thrift Museums. The gown was horrendously styled with huge puffy sleeves and there was damage to the hem. No one in their right mind would wear it even if they could somehow repair the hem. What I heard calling to me was the bib front which could be removed from the dress and the rest was a mountain of black fabric for future goth adventures of the "Vampsace" sort. I pulled open my purse and counted my money, not quite enough. I checked the bottom of my purse, pockets and then ran outside to gather more change from my car ashtray change holder and I had enough to buy the gown. Now I am on a mission to save a poor discarded gown with a past life that I can only imagine from the agony and unhappiness of no longer being admired and loved.

The first thing was to take the bib off the dress which was a surprisingly easy procedure and the simplest part of creating the finished product. I do not know the exact age of the gown, but I imagine that it could be a vintage piece. The next step was to take more material of the gown in other areas of interest to add a little more of the silvery color for accents, hand sewing numerous items and using an adhesive for others the bib went through a complete make over. Next I went through my jar of silver colored buttons which I have been collecting forever. My mother always told me that if any clothing had to be discarded you must remove the buttons and use the cloth for either patching things or polishing rags. Which I still do to this day, yes Mom the lessons did stick. The buttons in my opinion made the organza bib a most unique and elegant piece which I was immediately in love with. I fashioned the organza ribbons at the neck in order to tie the bib around the neck necklace like over a simple black blouse which now looked like a fashion statement piece ready for a home and a new life of excitement out clubbing and I think it will find love and admiration once again.

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